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by Vandana
(Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Many a times I used to play the video CD's meant for children (stories) for my son, in which I found that if children heard this they are bound to learn wrong pronunciation / English. Also the voices did not have any quality nor emotion - they were just flat.

In the the year 2005, when I was a pre-primary teacher in a reputed school of Mumbai. In a function held in our school, I was called upon the stage to deliver the vote of thanks, for which I was not prepared. I gathered all my courage, and completed the task handed over to me. The principal of this school, came forward and said "Vandana I never knew you had such a good voice and you could speak so well over the mike".

This was my awakening to the fact that I did have a good voice.

I did my B.Ed. the following year, wherein, I compared most of the programmes held in our college. It was a boost to my confidence when my colleagues/friends came forward and praised my voice.
One find day I came across an advertisement in the Times Of India, which caught my interest - this ad was for cartoon voicing. I joined this course, and learnt the finer points of voice dubbing, cartoon voicing and VO.

I feel I am ready, and need a break wherein I can showcase my talent hidden in me. Well, I am a teacher by profession and am teaching the primary section in a reputed school in Mumbai. So this is my story. I still attend my classes to keep up the practise.

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