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TataSky - Picture This!

TATASKY Picture Quality                  
TataSky claims to have DVD quality pictures on their DTH Platform. Is this really true? What should you expect to actually see if you do decide to go in for the service? In the ideal world all the channels should have the same quality but unfortunately it is not so. As you will see in the TataSky Channel List below a few channels seem to be in the "Fair" and "Poor" Categories.

One word of caution for owners of up to 25" TV's. You will not see much of a difference in the picture quality across the channels till you watch the service on 29" and above TV screens. So in fact if you have a small TV the below table will not affect you much. Having said that you will see all the channels as "Fair". Due to the lack of S-Video output on the Thomson Digicomp (STB) we have to live with composite video for now. On the other hand if you have a 29" TV or for that matter a HDTV ready Plasma or LCD TV the below table will be pretty much the overall picture quality you should be ready to accept at the moment.

Note: The following chart only shows the picture quality of channels on TataSky and does not in any way reflect the entertainment value of the same.

Channel Picture Quality
DD National
Star Plus
Star One
Star Utsav
Sahara ONE
Zee TV Poor
Astha Fair
Sanskar Fair
MH ONE Shraddha Poor
Star World
BBC Entertainment
Discovery T&L
Fashion TV Fair
Zee Cafe Poor
Zee Trendz Poor
Zone Reality
Star Gold
Zee Cinema Poor
Star Movies
HBO Poor
Zee Studio Poor
Showcase Promo
Showcase 1
Showcase 2
Showcase 3
Showcase 4
Showcase 5
Showcase 6
DD Sports Fair
Star Sports
TEN Sports
DD News
Star News
NDTV India
Aaj Tak Fair
Zee News Poor
Zee Business Poor
CNBC Awaaz Fair
Lok Sabha TV
India TV
NDTV 24/7
NDTV Profit
Times NOW
Headlines Today Fair
BBC World
CNBC TV18 Poor
CNN Poor
History Channel
Discovery Fair
Animal Planet Fair
Toon Disney
Cartoon Network
Channel [V]
VH1 Poor
AIR Jallandhar
Audio Only
DD Podhigai Fair
Star Vijay
DD Saptagiri Fair
ETV Telugu
TV9 Fair
DD Sahyadri Fair
ETV Marathi
Zee Marathi Poor
DD Chandana Fair
ETV Kannada
Zee Kannada Poor
DD Bangla Fair
Star Ananda
ETV Bangla
Zee Bangla Poor
Aakaash Bangla Fair
DD Malayalam Fair
Asianet Fair
Asianet News Fair
Kairali Poor
Amrita TV Fair
Indiavision Poor
DD Gujarati Fair
ETV Gujarati
Zee Gujarati Poor
DD Punjabi Fair
Zee Punjabi Poor
DD Oriya Fair
ETV Oriya
ETV Urdu
DD North East Fair
NE TV Fair

Part I of the in depth TATASKY Review is here.


I subscribed for nearly two years to Zee DishTV and migrated to TataSky as soon as become available in Vadodara, since last six months. From all angles TataSky has edge over it's competitor. Only missing features/channels are EuroNews and DW German/English for those, like me, who are interested in European language telecast.

Prafulchandra B Desai

When will the Sun Network be available in TataSky?


TataSky expects you protect the cabling from the dish to the digicomp box. My Dish was installed 10 floors above my flat and it was found cut. TataSky is charging me Rs300 to rectify the fault.


I have not yet received my activation and installation vouchers.


Tatasky service is very poor. Also whenever rain comes the service is disturbed fully.


Not receiving NEO SPORTS from 1 Jan 2007 on TATASKY, can anyone check and confirm please.

Sandeep - Pune

The service is good. Only disadvantage is they are not giving SUN network. Monthly charges Rs.300 is very high.


NO radio channels in tatasky !


Tata sky is charging a huge subscription fees from customers when compares to the cable operators. I think it is unaffordable.


Without regional channels TATA sky could not survive with huge amount of Rs.300 PM.


Despite tatasky's promise to launch a new package on 31st of December at 12:00 midnight it never launched it & all the movies on the showcase are not the latest, these movies can also be seen on normal channels, so tatasky should offer the latest movies on showcase.


I read reviews with great interest and mulled over the decision for some time before opting for tatasky (2 units) for my home after implementation of CAS. I bought the digicomps(!) from my neighbourhood electronics shop who promptly gave me a demo on his TV (I was impressed by the video quality) while smoothly telling me that his job was over and that I have to talk to the cal center for anything from now on. He offered to get my subscriber ID and also appointment for setting up the connection. He warned me that it is taking 6 days (I bought it on 6th January) for the installation.

I rang up the call center myself and was connected on the 2nd try to a helpful attendant who took me step by step through the registration process. I got a subscriber ID and appointment for 12th morning for the installation. I got a call on 10th saying that the guys will be there one day in advance.

The installation went smoothly and I got to sign a lot of papers before the guys left.

The video quality is superb and I got to hear stereo on TV (finally!). Only problem is occasional blue screens on the second digicomp, though I am yet to figure out as to why that happens on one unit only.


NEO sports is not there on Tata sky. How will we see the upcomin India- west indies Cricket Series?


Tatasky proves one thing: that you can sell anything to the entertainment hungry nation and rob them clean.

Dr. Sheshadri

It's cool, it's good, it's great. But but but ...TATA must hire new satellites with more number of transponder & improve there DVD quality on all channels & add new channels from all over the world. & important they must use better quality of DIGICOMP, not that silly quality what they are giving now.


Tata Sky is full of s**t. No new channels and also no NEO SPORTS. DishTV is far better. It has ZEE MGM,NEO SPORTS,three Extra Video Music Channels and fast browsing.


Tatasky has become fast money making institute. It is enhancing Rs 100/- for each withdrawal of channel. Recently it has withdrawn NEO SPORTS & enhanced the rent from Rs 200 to RS 260 a Month. Its sheer Cheat..............


Video and audio clarity is good in perfect conditions, come rain or heavy winds the quality drops, service is deplorable. the charges are ridiculous considering so many of the local channels are exempt from the service...

Needs more competition so the charges drop, channel coverage and service improves and customer satisfaction is given preference.


The service is good. Only disadvantage is they are not giving SUN network. Monthly charges Rs.300 is very high.


Instead of Rs.300/-pm, Tata sky should introduce pay per view @ Rs.5/- per channel in line with the CAS lest they are likely to lose viewership.


Be it Tatasky website or dishtv website, there is no clear cut list of channels being provided, they only boast of 100 channel or 125 channels but why can't they list the names of channels for easy reference.


Is tatasky available in Pakistan? If yes then what is the cost PkRs and monthly....


If tata is willing to make 1 lakh budget car for the Indians, why he is charging 300 per month for a average Indian family? tata sky is costlier than any one, sun network should be added.

Raj Kumar

Can anyone tell me how much does tatasky charge for each showcase movie?


Showcase movies cost Rs.75/- on TataSky.


There is nothing like tatasky in television network..


RS.300 PM is unbelievable charge with giving Sun Group Network.


In the TataSKy a lot of channels but 300.00 charges is very high.

and Showcase 75.00 is also.


When compared to dishtv which provide about 125 channels at the cost of 160/-.tata sky are not good competitor because they provide only 114 channels at a cost of 300/- which is to the time of installation it was told that sun network would be available which is not so.

Due to difference in number of the channel tatasky would not compete with the dish tv network. dishtv are providing 4 on air radio channel which tatasky lag.

When go to channels website which gives complete detail about their sharing of channel with dth platform . they are many channel which provided to tatasky but it si not provided to the customer.


I am from Hyderabad. I have taken TATASKY in Dec'06. The installation had been immediate. But the supplier of Digicomp has not supplied me with "user manual". This was brought to the notice of TATASKY by "e-mail". After a few days I had been contacted some body over phone and promised to provide user manual within 2 days! Till date the same is not made available. Whether the manual is provided to the consumer, tatasky has got one more service connection. the dealer has nothing to worry as he had his money. Finally the consumer in India who will be taken for a ride with deficient services.

Patan Mastan Vali

Is tatasky/dishtv available in Bangladesh? How much in taka?




I'm very much pleased with upcoming dish TV operators in India. But I'm not subscribing for 3 reasons (very high subscription, no guarantee on the set top box, sun network channels are not covered).

The call help-desk is ringing but no one picks up or its been ringing for long time.


I am from Kerala Tata sky is charging a huge subscription fees from customers when compared to the cable operators here asianet cable provides u set top box with an subscription charge of Rs.199 per month they gave u total 120 channels including 40 regional channels (this package include almost all pay channels like star sony zee sun bouquets) and the cost of stb is only 2500 picture is dvd quality and stereo sound.

Another disadvantage is tatasky/dish TV ignoring regional channels as a viewer from Kerala my first preference is my own regional channels currently 13 regional channels(Malayalam channels)operating here dth operators giving only 5 or 6 channels from that then whats the use I subscribed tatasky/dishtv service with a Monthly charges of Rs.300.


Gemini Network is required.


Tatasky subscription is very high compared to fees charged by cable network. Still Sun channels are not added to their DTH service and as promised no music channels are added, but one thing they have done is increasing their subscription from Rs.200 to Rs.300.


Tata Sky should bring it rates down. Is there anyway to hack the Tata Sky? I want that STB should be common and whenever we want we should change from dth tv to tatasky by changing the access card.


I am totally confused by reading all the above comments from various subscribers of Tatasky and Dish TV. I have decided finally to continue with my old darling(cable net work)since I have been enjoying all the important channels(85)including all the regional channels just for the price of Rs175/-PM.

Ashok, Hyderabad

Tatasky can provide multiple or two TV connection by using one connection.


I have been getting very interested over the last few weeks to move over to DTH from my (ir)regular cable connection. However, after doing some research over the net, I found that there are high costs of acquisition, poor customer service from both Tata and Dish TV, Signal strength varies wildly, it is not suitable for Large screen TVs, Channels have been withdrawn without notice, rentals increased with no prior information, nobody bothers to pick up the calls at the service center, picture quality varies with the weather....whew...I have just decided to stay with my cablewallah for now. He at least picks up the phone when I call him and I do get good quality sound and picture.

The biggest drawback I see here is that the customer is sucked into one of the vendor's stories and then he is stuck there for good. The day we have the Hardware independent of the service provider and I can choose whom to see, whenever I want - pretty much like your Cell Phone instrument, in which you can change the SIM whenever you want - that will be the day when the customer will really be King.

Anil Kumar - Hyderabad

Tatasky subscription is very high compared to fees charged by cable network. Still Sun channels are not added to their DTH service and as promised no music channels are added, but one thing they have done is increasing their subscription from Rs.200 to Rs.300.


Nice but without Sun Network it is waste. Can u tell me on which time it is available?


Tata sky is charging a huge subscription fees from customers when compares to the cable operators. I think it is unafordable. All customer left this tata sky venture if Rs 300 cost if not cut this price go to Rs 250 and all regional channel are given to the customer. Please think about this matter when you go to tata-sky subscriber

Ratul Patra - Kolkata

300/- Rs. charges jada hote hai kya koi aur packege nahi hai agar 5/- per channel wala packege lete hai to kya free chanel available honge aur free channel kitne hai?

Sanjay Jain

It is silly of us to pay Rs.300 and still see ads on these services (DTH and TataSky). Please petition online to remove all ads from pay channels as you are paying to watch content on them and not the ads.

Vishal Sagar - Pune

The monthly subscription of Rs. 300 is quiet high and the quality of service is not up to the mark what they claim. Further more there should be an option to select the individual Pay channel @Rs. 5 per channel rather than being forced to buy all the channels. Also that they have not added any new channel to the viewers.


I have purchased set top box, in the hope these service providers will give connection or DD will increase the channels. But nothing happened. Telecom regulating body should intervene before lot of public lose there money.

Providers should not insist on installation. He should allow installation by purchase and should give card without insisting on set top box purchase.

Advertisement supported channels should be free and pay channels should not advertise. In our country if court intervenes only things happen.


When will the Sun Network be available on TataSky?


Our local cablewallah in Pune was charging Rs.320, but every month I had to fight and bring down the subscription to about 250 every month for no service, poor picture quality, picture without sound, selective blocking of channels, only two Tamil channels, and and average of one telephone complaint call per day. Hence Tata Sky is a god send for me. Perhaps, I am one of the few lucky ones, because the installation was done within 18 hours of purchase and no loss of service till today.

Sun TV wants about Rs. 85 for the bouquet of 14 channels; it is unlikely that sun will get added; TRAI has to intervene. It belongs to whom you know.


I am from Kerala residing in Lucknow. I have taken TATASKY in March 07. The installation had been done within three days. The service is good.

I am a Christian believer, I have subscribed with the hope to see Christian channels, but there is no Christian channel in it.

Although, tatasky/dish TV ignoring regional channels as a viewer from Kerala my first preference is my own regional channels currently 13 regional channels(Malayalam channels), tatasky is operating only 6 channels from that then what is the use I subscribed tatasky service with a Monthly charges of Rs.300.

Kindly provide Christian Channels.


Hello I am in Pakistan, Karachi is tata sky available for Pakistan how we can get it please inform me as soon as possible my e-mail address is:

1-yasir saeed

2-faizan ahmed

thank you

Yasir Saeed Siddiqui

It is good in the brand name of TaTa but tell your engineer to behave politely , satisfy the customer with a good installation good cabling and good Demonstration.


Sun network is must. Tata sky please start this service.


It's good but looking forward for a few more services with the same set-top box like FM band radio, internet and telephone. Should also think for reducing their monthly subscription from Rs.300 to Rs.200 or Rs.250....


Gone through all the readers comments. I am using Tatasky since 25th Sept. 2006. During rains the service sometimes stops completely. This output signal is not very clear and suitable for large screen TV sets. I connected tatasky to my 25" TV as I found noticable picture quality degradation on my 29" latest Flat screen TV.


If someone has dishtv setup in Pakistan for selling, I will be interested in buying. You may contact me on my email


Tata sky has not provided any Muslims channels like Qtv & Peace TV. Please provide these two channels.


Tatasky is hiding one very serious fact that they will never broadcast local channels. Which is of most interest for any citizens to know what is happening around him.


TATA SKY charges are very high, they have increased from Rs.200 to Rs.300 very high & also without SUN Network. Cable Operators are better they charge nominal of Rs.150 with the same service. Tatasky should quote monthly subscription equal to Cable Operators or below. An average of Rs.175 is affordable to an individual not more than that.


Tata sky is going to add SUN channels!!!


Tata sky is a waste on the world. Compulsorily u have to watch all channels given..I mean pay 300 if u watch it or not. DISH TV gives so lovely options to choose the one which u want. Never turn at Tatasky...tatas will be fly in sky by robbing 300 for silly packages.

Kiran Damle

If tatasky people provide more regional(specially Kannada) channels then i would think of continuing else from next subscription date i will switch over to local cable....tatasky provide tv9 Telugu...but are not providing tv9 Kannada...why is it so????????? coz its one of the famous Kannada news channel which recently started.....


At the time of installation they were telling that with in ten days you will receive sun network package ,now 2 months over there is no information regarding sun packages, just they were bluffing the customers ,don't play this type of tricks to customer.

Kindly provide SUN network package as early as possible.

Lalith Kadapa

I am more than happy to see the Telugu channels like MAA TV, Zee Telugu, ETV and lot more Telugu channels. All the channels are providing more entertainment programs and is showing good soaps when you compare with the CRAP GEMINI. To be true, I really do not want see any of sun network channels. Its really big CRAP. believe me its big CRAP.


It is sad I have purchased TATASKY STB and being charged Rs.300/- for the Telugu and Tamil channels I am viewing. Now they have takenout NEO sports, NEOSPORTS+ AND MAJORITY OF ZEE NETWORK CHANNELS INCLUDING ZEE TELUGU from their dth platform AND CHOOSE TO CHARGE THE SAME AMOUNT, also they are not providing SUN NETWORK which is very important for south indian viewers. IT IS VERY SURPRISING THAT TRAI IS SILENT ON THIS AND IS WATCHING TATASKY ROB IT'S SUBSCRIBERS.

Whenever I call the helpline they have a ready made reply, that the sun network will be available very shortly, this is the reply I am getting eversince I have purchased the TATASKY ON 7-01-2007.

The SUBSCRIPTION charges are exorbitant and the tatasky is robbing subscribers.



Tatasky is the best but without sun network channels it is waste!


I am using both DishTV and TSky(different locations). I am very much like TSKy because of the customer care, installation and equipment quality.

The only reason I am still using DishTV is I want to watch DWTV, TV5Monde and Euro news (the best international channesl worth to watch compared to time wasting Indian news and other regional channels).

But recently I heared that Euronews has been removed from DishTV. So I am counting on them. The moment they cut TV5Monde and DW, will switch over to TataSky.

I wish TataSky include these three channels also in their packages.

Bottom line is I dont care the number of channels these guys are providing. But I want only around 25 best channels(who will watch more than that? anybody watches more thatn 30 in their normal life?). Who will provide those, I will be with them. Thats all.


Please provide PEACE TV, millions of muslims are waiting for this channel, you can boost up your business by atleast 10% by this channel.


Rs.300 monthly is too high for tata sky...Better go for Dish tv..its worth for money...


Please give more kannada channels like tv9 kannada (No1 kannada news channel),Asianet suvarna ,Kannada kasturi(up coming channel)& zee kannada.


Will be expecting Neo sports,B4u,etc,Zoom and few misssing channels. Few zee channels having very poor quality signal.

User interface is good one


Tata Sky disappointed me with its bad service.

Its the worst thing to watch on the earth with 8 digit no displayed all over the TV screen every 15 minutes.

Initially it does not catch your eyes (as you are fascinated having DTH in your room) but i tell you as time goes (when you watch it for 2-3 months)this thing starts irritating like spy ware in your computer. How much you try it always catches your eye and you all become helpless scold your self opting for TATA SKY. Be prepared if tomorrow they remove all your favorite channels and show only channels like Maa TV, Sanskar, Look sabha etc without giving explanation of removing channels.

Such a waste of money.

They are most irresponsible people on earth not showing any court say of replying to the mails which you send ( ).

I see no future for TATA SKY.


SUN Network is not available in Tatasky tdsat has already fixed 11 may as for final hearing .but still the case is pending in court tdsat are careless they should order sun to give signals to Tatasky at al a carte bases at 50% of that of cable rates for further update in this case visit…


I'm from Burma. I can watch Tatasky with 10 feet dish...I suggest Tatasky should add more sport channels and more movies channels.


TATA SKY is the best....


Please provide QTV and Peace TV.

Abu Bakar

TataSky for only High Class people with subscription(Rs300). I am using DD Direct Plus(No subscription) having 40 channels but no English Channel. If Tatasky reduces the Subscription to Rs100 I will buy Tatasky.


Recently I became the subscriber of tatasky.

When I compare the tatasky and dish tv these are the findings .

Tatasky is good with services with customer care, where as in dish u will enjoy more channels than tata with comparitively low budget subscription.

Whenever there is rain tata is loosing its signals i don't know what about the dish tv?

So for a new purchaser I just recommend dish, when the channels are increased tata is best I think.


For each shifting of Tatasky are charged heavily...because while taking the connection you get the ownership of STB only ....not the Dish...since Dish belongs to the company...pure cheating...?


In Kerala, cable TV entertainment means ASIANET DIGITAL . (ADTV)

There's no other service , anywhere in this country which comes anywhere near it. Digital quality , Stereo sound , Electronic programme guide , Programme reminder and 120 channels . The USP for a Keralalite is 18 Malayalam channels & more than 40 regional channels . The point to note is that ,inspite of Tata Sky being present in Kerala , All Taj hotels ( a tata company ) has gone in for Asianet Digital . So much for group allegiance , etc. In the offing are : Interactive gaming , Video on demand , telephony and even emailing through TV sets. Thats technology for you . The cost of a STB is just Rs 2400 only and the subscription is almost the same as what is prevailing now for analog signals. And what's most exciting is a 24X 7 service , which almost never fails you . If only ASIANET digital is available all over the country.

J Mamen

When compared to Tata Sky the regional cable operator ASIANET is much much better. They charge only 2500 towards the STB and their monthly charges are quite low that is only Rs. 228/- per month and if we opt for the 6 month schemes it would come to Rs 165/month only. And their services are far superior. Any sorts of complaints will be attended to within 24 Hrs and they do immediate replacement of STB's if faulty. Tata shifting and rectification charges are too high. Asianet does all these for free. In all terms Asianet service is far superior than that of TATA. NO problem of rain, Thunder shower with ASIANET STB's.


One should make a comment on any other service, only after experiencing the power of Asianet Digital (ADTV). It’s fantastic. If you have a good TV system at home and connect it to ADTV, you don’t have to go to the cinema halls any more. It’s that good. Soon you will have movies on demand through ADTV. Asianet pioneered Cable TV in Kerala and now they are pioneering a Digital Revolution in Kerala.

Kavya Madhavan

I am an actor in Malayalam and been a ASIANET digital customer since it's launch . So are almost all my colleagues . it’s REALLY GOOD!


You don't own the dish, Tata Sky does.

That's correct. They will never advertise this, nor will the dealer tell you about it when you make the purchase. The dish belongs to Tata Sky, if you deactivate they take back the dish and the digicard.

You do own the Set-Top-Box (STB) but it's worthless without the dish.

The purhcase you make is only for the set-top box. You will get a receipt for the set-top box and the renewal card. The Tata Sky engineer will bring the dish with him at the time of the installation. The dish transmits the signal from the satellite to the set-top box, also called satellite receiver, or in Tata Sky's case - the digicomp. In UK, it's called the digibox. The set-top box by itself is of no use without the dish.

In fact, if you deactivate tomorrow, they may take away both the dish AND the set-top box.

This was the most shocking bit of information in the contract that Tata Sky wanted me to sign at the time of installation. Clause 11.3 of the contract explicitly states that Tata Sky can remove all the "hardware" from my place at the time of deactivation of service. It doesn't define what hardware is or makes any distinction between dish and digicomp.

If you are a Tata Sky customer and you wish to stop the service tomorrow, by signing that contract, you have permitted them to take away the set-top box for which you paid in full. Don't believe me? Call up customer support and ask them to read out clause #11.3.


Privacy: what about my rights?

They store all your usage information - how you watch your TV, what you watch, for how long and when

The contract states that Tata Sky may store every aspect of how you use their service. This allows them to create your detailed profile which will include your TV watching habits, how you order their premium services and so on. They already have all your contact information. Can you see where it's going?

They can profit from that information by selling it to third parties (read advertisers)

That's correct. By signing the contract you have agreed to let them use that information in any way they choose including making good money from it by selling it to "third parties". You, of course, get no share in this revenue stream. You get something else.

Be prepared to receive lots of very targeted ads (read spam)

This is the obvious implication of giving up your rights. Tata Sky knows which shows you've set as your favorites, they know what kind of movies you like, the channels you watch or don't watch, how many times you've ordered movies in the last three months. With this wealth of information, advertisers can draw up a pretty good picture of you so don't be surprised to get mailers online or offline that seem to be designed just for you.


Other things you perhaps didn't know about Tata Sky:

The reception is extremely poor or unavailable during rains. This however, is true about every satellite TV service in the world. Tata Sky makes no mention of it on their website.

Their toll-free number only works with MTNL / BSNL lines. If you're an Airtel subscriber, you'll have to call an STD number to get customer support. Knowing how long these calls take, the support will end up costing you quite a bit. (You can't go out and call from another phone because you might need to sit next to the TV if they tell you to change some settings)

In North Delhi, there have been reports that NDPL, also a Tata company, is using force to remove cable connections from NDPL electricity poles causing disruption in the cable infrastructure and forcing cable TV subscribers in 800,000 homes to upgrade to Tata Sky.

The set-top box that Tata Sky provides has a hidden port to accept PC card but it's been rendered useless since there's no software interface to use it. It's hidden behind a small plate held by two screws at the back.

They charge you Rs.1000 when you change a house.

They will never tell you this but you can watch TV in more than one room with a single set-top box though you'll only be able to watch the same channel on all TVs.

There is a hidden settings menu in their interface for the technically inclined. Go to Organizer > System Settings > press 0, 1 and {select} button in quick succession. You'll get to DNB settings and other options.

The Tata Sky set-top box is from Thomson, their remote identical to those you get with Sky TV in UK and the software is from Open TV, the firm that sells software to Sky TV (apparently, it's from NDS). Apparently, no one has been able to hack Sky TV (at least not publicly) to use the service without paying subscription fees.

What can you do to protest?

Do not purchase their service. If you must, then refuse to sign the contract and demand they respect your rights.

Flood their customer care center asking them questions about the three issues: ownership, privacy and restrictions.

Tell others to avoid Tata Sky. At least until they revise their terms and change restrictive policies.


Please check out Asianet Digital's Zander box technology . It's fantastic. All you have to do is to go to favourite groupings and take the Malayalam channels , press Zero and you will have the four most popular Malayalam channels in one screen . It's a great advantage for serial watchers. No one provides this feature in India.


Do add Kannada channels in tata Sky hardly get Kannada channels here!!!


ETV Gujarati.


Please add more Kannada channels like Asianet, Suvarna, Zee Kannada, Udaya TV, tv9 Kannada.


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