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Dishing Out Television!

TATASKY vs DISHTVIt’s July 2006. The Direct to Home (DTH) scene in India is getting ready for the mother-of-all battles. The Subhash Chandra owned Dish TV is going to have a competitor in the Rupert Murdoch backed TATASKY DTH platform soon. Though TATA owns eighty odd percent in the venture, we all know where the technical expertise is going to come from.

Newscorp via STAR TV will no doubt be building a strong product for Indian households.

Let us not forget that they own and operate BSKYB in the United Kingdom where they are almost considered untouchable in both quality of service and reach. DISH TV too is not sitting still. Only a few months from their launch, they started offering services like Movie On Demand and of course the more recent announcement of the inclusion of extra channels including SONY on their DTH platform.

STAR having stayed off the DISH TV platform with only STAR UTSAV making a token appearance, have made their intentions clear. This year promises to be an all out exciting one for television viewers in the country. Both the players are known to be aggressive. They are not going to pull any punches and surely aren’t taking any prisoners. When BSKYB launched to a lukewarm reception in the UK, SKY started giving the set top boxes free, they also bought all the exclusive football rights for an astronomical amount to bring in the viewers. Free set top boxes plus the only place to watch their football the Brits bought into BSKYB big time making it a thundering success. ZEE on the other hand back home is constantly updating their services portfolio. The latest addition to their list is Mobile DISH TV. Yes, that’s right you will be able to watch all their channels on the move in a car or a bus. They have a year’s head start over TATASKY and are looking to consolidate their lead.

TATASKY on the other hand has deep pockets and a vast library of content to dish out on their platform. It’s too early to tell who will win this fight but signals are out there that the fight will be long and fought hard. Especially now since SONY has joined DISH TV the lines are drawn. Like I mentioned some time back, people do want all the goodies that a DTH service brings but how many will want two different boxes at home is the question? Maybe it will lead to the mother-of-all mergers…the TATASKYDISH TV Network!

Part I of the in depth TATASKY Review is here!

For the TataSky Channel List and Picture Quality Report click here.

Have your say on the Movie Channel Ban here.

If you are a dishtv or TATASKY subscriber please click here.

Have your say on the State of Indian Television here.

Please post all questions in our DTH forums here.

Are you a Tatasky or DishTV subscriber?

What do you think of either or both of these DTH services? Let the world know how you feel.

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tata sky 
The quality of picture & sound are fantastic in tatasky. They giving the Tamil Nadu's top most Sun network.

dish tv is best 
Dish tv is way ahead than any service. Let`s take a look: 1.zee sports,zee smile & many Punjabi channels are not there in any service 2.if u do`nt …

Sir, I have purchased dish TV from last four years back. At starting dish TV services are very good. All the channels are given by them. But from …

I want to buy Dish TV package for Republic of Maldives. So what I have to do for that? what are the packages available from You???

Active Moneysucking? 
Today I gave a legal threat to Tatasky, those guys are giving us the only option to buy tatasky online through indiaplaza(its pathetic). I got into there …

In case of any concern 
For any clarification regarding tatasky, Please feel free to contact

I Want Tatasky In Pakistan 
Hi, I am Talal Haris form Pakistan I want Tatasky & Dish TV in Pakistan if some one working for you in Pakistan or you want some one work to for you in …

We Say Goodbye To TATA SKY 
At last we from Trivandrum, Say goodbye to tatasky. The sales person in Trivandrum (AMBADI)is treating the customers and the dealers very cruelly. I heard …

i use my tata sky Receiver to watch Free dish tv 
hi i have tata sky receiver but now see dish tv channels in that

gupta Not rated yet
sir, i take dishtv just few day back.its service is good.i wish neo cricket will come as soon as possible.

Tata sky or dish tv Not rated yet
I had taken Tata sky connection 1year back.Was using it in gulf.Recently they have cut off the connection saying that it should not be used outside India, …

Swindling CAS Not rated yet
I will outline the points directly- a) The Government wanted viewers to be able to choose what they want to see and what they do not. b) The cable operators …

shivkumar Not rated yet
Great cheater-- TATASKY I took tatasky , having scheme of 75 days free , but after 1 month they deducted 200 RS that is they made 45 days free without …

Dish TV and TATASKY Not rated yet
Dish TV and TATASKY should share their channels to the viewers. People should not buy two separate set-top box's for different channels to see.

TATA Sky Cheating the malayalee - Tamil viewers Not rated yet
Copy of the letter from TATASky to TRAI which also has a request to TRAI to communicate to me that Cyrus K Elavia will drag me to court if I cannot produce …

Using TATA Sky Out Of India Not rated yet
Hi All, I would like to know how can I use TATA Sky in Bahrain? I would be obliged for all your valuable inputs. Thanks in advance.

Dish TV I am Satisfied Not rated yet
I am satisfied with Dish TV but am interested in tatasky.

Tata Sky is the best! Not rated yet
Tata sky is the best choice. The picture is DVD quality and the sound is also superb. We can watch all the Indian channels with tata sky. No problems for …

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It is not too good for any other dishtv to compete with Zee’s Dish TV, as it already exists.


It's too good to hear that TATA a respectable brand of India is coming in collaboration with Star. Undoubtedly it will be a great experience contrary to the services (Pathetic) provided by the Zee.


Dish TV and TATASKY should share their channels to the viewers. People should not buy two separate set-top box's for different channels to see.


To have more than one Dish TV service providers is good for an enduser. This will have control on Price, Quality & Quantity. I have a question to both service providers, why they insist to buy their proprietary STB from their outlets only.

Alternately they can sell only Prepaid Smart card which can be used in any STBs available in market.


Is it possible to use my own set top box?


Tata and Star are very big companies and the services they will provide will be the best. I am sure they will bring a revolution in the Home Entertainment industry.


Yes, it is the right time because in rural areas, we can also get Quality Picture and sound without any disturbances.


Why is Tatasky delaying its launch?

N.Paul Jeyatilak

Tatasky - sell only the Smart Cards like mobile sim cards.

S Keshav Kotian

I want to know dish packages of tata-sky along with price & no. of channels to be shown on tata-sky dth service.


What is the No. of channels on tatasky dishtv and what is the monthly rental for it?


Who are the service providers for Tatasky DTH services in India and why do they insist on a different set top box, dish, monthly payments, etc with excess charges? Why cannot they collaborate with Dish TV India channels and provide access with quality and content so that the need for different set top boxes is eliminated? Can i use 2 set top box if this is the case, to watch the channels via my onida-32" LCD poison panel or use 2 set top boxes and 2 dish for watching Dish TV India channels via Onida and Tatasky DTH channels via TCL 21" TV- my first favourite? What is Dish TV India’s response to the Tatasky DTH challenge?


Is it available in rural areas also?

Rajesh BSV

What Dish TV is lacking is that you cannot use their smart card in any other receiver like all other providers in UK US & Middle East. Which means if you want to watch Dish TV, TataSky & Reliance Bluemagic you will require 3 different receivers and manually switching between the 3. E.g. using a TataSky receiver you will not be able to watch Dish TV. This is not only monopoly by Dish TV but also they are forcing you to buy their equipment. Here in the Middle East we have different DTH providers like Pehla, Showtime, Firstnet, ART etc. all you require is to buy their smartcard and you can watch their programmes on any satellite they may be on.

No Name

Can Tata give us the option to choose single channel of our choice. Nobody watches more than 7-8 channels and if DTH providers offer only channel packages then the provider cheats viewers.

Vijay Kapoor

I want to know about the monthly rental & number of channels.


I think we should have only one-DTH-service provider having options for subscribers to select channels they wish to watch....


Great to hear that you[TATASKY] have launched. Was waiting for quite some time to own one. Please let me know how to get one.

S.M. Bablu

TataSky should include SUN network channels in their DTH. That will really attract a lot of subscribers from south.

Srinivasa Gopal

Star TV channels are also coming on Dish TV now. Then what about TataSky?


We don't even know the name and number of channels on TataSky.


Surely, DTH signal providers are not in the business of selling dishes and Set Top Boxes. I request all DTH signal providers to follow the mobile companies which permit use of any brand or model of phone - one can use any dish and Set Top Box combination, their business lies in selling universally interchangeable smart cards which get sold on based on quality of programmes.

Dish TV user

TATASKY is not coming out with it’s channel list and pricing, why this silence? It should be different from Dish TV, to compete with it. How can it be? Even STAR has joined the Dish TV platform?

Ash Suri

In India telecom regulatory authority is liable to manage affairs of DTH and I hope they will not allow any one to cut pockets of citizens who are edicts of television.

Subhash Barot

Are the SUN Network Channels available on Tatasky DTH service?




It is better to stick to own Cable Channelsthen to jump for these New DTH srvices as for now It will be a war between these DTH'sand for every new DTH a separate Set top Box will be needed. I would suggestthat let the time pass on so that they all merge in one and provide us what wewant rather than we see what they Show.


Well without Sun NetworkChannels(sun,ktv,surya,udaya etc) I think no operator can establish downsouth.

K J Dinesh

Any DTH service provider should allow the end userto select the channel he wants and charge accordingly. Hardware is common but theno of channels he wishes to include in his program, should be left to him tochoose. Why fixed basic packages?


I think Tata Sky has done good by launching itsown satellite tv. So that brakes can be kept on dish tv and its prices. On thewhole i think at present Dishtv has upper hand because of providing its viewersmore than entertainment such as "lets play tv",`storage memory over hundredhours etc.if TATA want to stand in competition than it has to attract its viewersby having one step further to Dishtv.

Khaliq Imran

Viewers should have options. DishTV's packagecombination is too pathetic excluding News channels and somewhat Sportschannels and prices are too high compared to local cable operator even if weconsider in terms of Dishtv's services and good picture quality and Zee istotally boring package.

Dharmendra Singh

Tatasky has launched its services All over India.I have bought mine from Hyderabad. You can buy the digicomp ( A set-top box fromany electronic showroom ). The tatasky engineers contact you the next day andinstall the Dish and set up the connection. The service till now is Fantastic.Great Going TATASKY !!!


Can TATASKY show as many channels as City Cable is showing in Delhi and NCR within the same cost? Is it complicated to use as compared to Cable TV?


TATASKY is a revolution in the SKY!


TATASKY is very good!

Nitin Sharma

When I went to buy TATA Sky, the shop keeper kept pushing DISH TV over TATA SKY. I wonder if he is getting more commission from Dish tv. I have postponed my decision to get DTH for a few weeks now.

Delhi Guy

Competition is always good for ultimate consumer, I like it.

Vimal Kumar

I have no comment but would like to know the cost of TATASKY and their monthly subscription.


How can we know the Total packages? Dealers? etc...


The cost of the installation charges is bit high compared with Dish TV and Govt. DTH services . They can reduce it.


These services will not be popular until all channels can be viewed on one dish.


Channels like CNBC and Star News are not includeded in Dish TV's list of channels. If I wish to subscribe to these channels is this possible?


If we buy TataSky DTH can we see Star's international channels also? Where should I find my answer?


ALL ZEE Channels, POGO, Cartoon Network, Boomrang, FTV, ETC, .... I mean all Zee package are not availabe on Tata SKY.

Gurprakash Singh

Tata Sky has been a running looser so far. I remember reading their tall claims since two years. And look at what they are offering. They talked about hell like value addition and haven't been able to muster half the number of channels my crackpot cable walah delivers. I think like so many others they wish to take the Indian consumer for a ride by offering 50 odd channels at an introductory price. I am very very disappointed. I did not subscribe to Dishtv thinking that I will get better deal. What a great disappointment.

Jatinder Paul Singh

If any one is familiar with TATA Indicom broadband will think twice and thrice and more about taking the TataSky and one thing is quite sure, the customer service will be pathetic as always.....


These services will not be popular until all channels can be viewed on one dish.


If it’s less in monthly price and Tatasky show’s all the channel's then it is worth it.

Vinod Kumar S.R.

Is TataSky available in Bangladesh ?


I think Tata sky shall emerge to be the winner.


Without SUN network and other prime channels and subscription rates being termed as introductory offer, hike on the cards sooner or latter, it is not worth it. Remember STARESPN and SONY group can hike their rates periodically. Think a hundred times.... I always recommend DOORDARSHAN DTH to become a standby for every household. To DD’s credit their PODIGAI (DD Tamil) is an excellent channel in terms of content and execution. I and my entire family and many in our area do watch PODIGAI most of the times.


This should be affordable for middle class households and if so with the goodwill of Tata’s this venture will be a great success.


TATA is other name for TRUST we believe in Tata's name whether it is Good or Bad. Now this is Tata's Job "Our Belief Never fails” I go with TATA.


Now due to this race every one will try to provide good service, which is always good for the customers, but now customer will have new problem that which dish to buy.


I think ultimately both DTH service providers will take care of each other's channels.




What are the expenses?


Good I like it. How many channels on it?


dishtv per month=Rs. 50 vs. TataSky per month=Rs.200then why we are taking TATASKY?


It’s New!


I have 3 Bedrooms in my house and I would like to have 4 connection include my hall connection with one same Connection. Is it possible for me to have connection in all the 4 places of my house and i don't want to buy more than one connection. So let me know about this is there any solution. In One home you should not have 4 separate connection and it also not affordable for each and every one. Our suggestion is required on this.


It seems Cable Operators are just cheating the consumers with the assistance of Government. It is very astonishing that, although there are vast development and changes in TV transmission technology like DTH, still we are forced to rely on old age cable wires.

Satya Srinivasa Reddy

Which is better TataSky or dishtv? Well I think Tata is always known for its productivity so i think the Tata is best in on the field here also.

Anuj K Dubey

TataSky is more expensive than dishtv.

Saikrishna Nagamalla

TATA SKY has been launched finally with several tall claims but all of it has fallen flat. While its been several years since STAR has been planning to revolutionize the Indian DTH market, after much deliberation and delays it has been launched last month but only with 60 odd channels in its kitty. While STAR was planning to provide immense choices in terms of channels, it has not been able to live to our expectation. After such a long delay is this what u offer to the consumers?? Virtually no International Channels has been included and their website has no news for any also in coming months. This is simply ridiculous. Having such a strong presence in the UK market is this what u offer to the Indian Consumers?? While this is also supposed to be the choice of the premium and up market consumers ... Star has simply generalized all. While delaying Zee package in their Bouquet is understandable, not providing any alternative for International Channels will surely keep away urban consumers from subscribing its service anytime soon. In fact Zee's DISH TV looks a better bet at this point as they are offering a slew of International Channels including the immensely likable TCM and others like Trace TV, MCM, Goal TV 1 and 2 (for all soccer lovers), Vh1 et al. and the fact that the entire Star Package has now been included is what keeps it at an advantageous position. TATA SKY really needs to pull up their socks if they want to do serious business especially in the cities and metros.


Nothing official about it!

Dr.Rahul Sul

tata+star = best combination

Deven Gokani

Please buy Tatasky Satellite television services to have an amazing experience. The content and services are bound to improve over a couple of months. Believe me, Tata’s are rooted ethically.


I totally agree with Rupanjan (above). The expectations were quite high for TataSky. I thought they would up the band. But now they seem to have tried to hold the consumer by having to use a proprietary set-top-box so that you don’t switch to other providers. Once you buy the equipment, you are stuck with TataSky, unless of course you re-invest in the equipment for DTH. Although Sky TV also sells DTH equipments, they are available across general DTH platform from many manufacturers and needs just Smart Cards like mobile SIM cards from Sky TV or for that matter any satellite TV provider.


Hey there are so many channels missing like GEMINI, HBO. We are paying 180 per month we are missing STAR channels but with TATA SKY we have to pay 200 the same way we are missing some channels. What about that?


Hey I saw on the Dishtv website that they do offer all Star channels. Does this article mean that star is being offered at a price and the other not?? Well I’d like to know. As far as I am concerned I am really happy Sky is coming to India. I hope they do offer their channels here. I was thrilled when the commentators for football matches mentioned about selecting camera of your choice to watch a player and all. It’s great that we too can have it. We would have quality football. Dish TV too offers 2 new out n out football channels. Whatever the outcome of this war is the football fans have definitely benefited


TATA SKY should include SUN Network Channels in their DTH. That will surely attract most of the South Indian peoples.


TATA SKY should add POGO and CARTOON Network in their DTH.


Guys just to add to your views, here is some good news. The entire Zee bouquet will be added to Tata Sky list of channels very shortly, may be at a same monthly charges of Rs. 200/month.


Yes, the Courts have ordered Zee to offer all the channels to Tata sky in next 24 hours. But I would prefer to wait till December as many strong laws and compulsions are coming on all of these operators including local cable operators...sounds like gonna be cheaper and quality of service will improve. Also government has ordered DTH operators to keep their set top boxes inter operable which means Tata and Dishtv have to allow shift the customers keeping the same instrument.


For the people of Tamil Nadu I would not suggest DTH. Are you ready to pay Rs.200 to see just two Tamil Channels?


Zee channels are added in TataSky today. Check out the web site!! I am only worried, are they going to reduce the price later, will I be a fool to for it now!!


I installed (the installation was done immediately the next day after buying the product) Tata sky and all I can say is that its simply brilliant compared to that cable wallah signals. The Zee channels are coming and also any new channel it is immediately added unlike asking the cable guy when he is going to give that channel. Their customer service is excellent I can say the least. I guess it’s just a matter of time this becomes like the mobile phone providers. As of Oct 3rd there are 100 odd channels...though sun network is not there but sure will be added in the future. Pricing is dicey at this point of time but I guess it will be sorted out later I presume. I made an in-depth study on Dish TV and TataSky and dishtv to be awful even with their customer care. I think content wise Zee can never compete with TataSky because they have those sky channels, which will be launched soon.


Tatasky channels are growing but I am yet to see those exclusive channels like Sky News, Sky Sports, Granada TV, Fox News etc......Until these channels are provided I don’t know how far can they compete with dishtv where they will launch Astrosports soon...And another problem when these players show exclusive stuff ,will it be conflicting with the current Indian channels content especially in the sports segment...Only time will tell but I am hopeful of some good content on TataSky....


Tata is the believable name. But until without SUN Network channels it won't attract South Indians. I temporarily change my idea to buy a DTH (Tatasky) without SUN Network. I am waiting with expectation. Soon you (Tatasky) bring SUN to us (South Indians)


Tatasky will soon launch the entire SKY Channels in India....Though not known when....this will be something....But obviously the legality of these channels will be questioned.


Tata Sky is too good for dishtv.


Hi, its really amazing now cable tv monopoly has gone. Now we have choice. Good going India good. Keep it up.

Alok Chakraborty

Apply less rates for rural areas so that more viewers to see the tata sky.

Deepak Wagh Satana

Dish TV is the best because it is more widely distributed than tata sky and also the channel packages are better also their service is better from Pakistan.

Ahmed Jalal

Both Tatasky and Dishtv are cheating public...stick to your cable operator.

Sridharan Nair

Please launch tata's free dth service.


We can trust what tata says.(Even the Government changes their words.)


TataSky please introduce lifetime charge option and clarify maintenance, servicing of hardware.


I have got Tata Sky installed and found it excellent. This seems no big investment compare to the picture quality and service round the clock you get. I was sick of cablewala service level.


It is commercially good for using dish TV because if you do not pay the subscription amount in dish TV even though you view free to air DTH channels. But in case of tata sky you do not pay subscription amount you do not view any channels,so the Thomson digicomp set top box is useless until you pay the subscription. So it is better to go for dish TV for commercially minded people in South India.


India is about the the only place where we can not get any good International channels like Sci Fi, Granada, Comedy central, Nicknite, ABC Kids... Even in the Islamic middle east, one can readily get decent channels like MBC4, MBC2, Movies Channel, etc

I am am really hoping DTH (TataSky) will change this.


Tell me frankly in one word is dish TV better than tata sky? If so why?


It should be user friendly. The STB should be common and they can sell only Prepaid Smart card which can be used in any STBs available in market.

Venkatesh Murthy

Need Gemini and Teja channels.


I have 3 Bedrooms in my house and I would like to have 4 connection include my hall connection with one same Connection. Is it possible for me to have connection in all the 4 places of my house and i don't want to buy more than one connection. So let me know about this is there any solution. In One home you should not have 4 separate connection and it also not affordable for each and every one. Our suggestion is required on this.


Being a customer of Dish TV, I have been very dissatisfied. They do not follow up to customers needs. Some of my channels available for me were not transmitted. They is not communication to the client except for the renewals. Further to add, Dish TV charges a penalty if you don't renew your subscription- which is unheard of. UNDOUBTEDLY MONEY MINDED AND WORST SERVICE PROVIDED. SIMPLY PATHETIC.


When did SUN network include in tatasky dth?


Hey guys help me out to buy a tatasky dealership for Pakistan. plzzz ( )


Do you have to internet on tata sky?


Tata sky kab Pakistan mein aye gi?

Ravi from Karachi

I am yet to decide which one I should opt! TATASKY, DISHTV or Hathway cable STB? Anybody to guide me to take a decision?


The Tatasky helpline Nos 19014256633 or now 18604256633 from MTNL BSNL lines or from any other lines for Northern India : 1072 66006633 are to startle you with replies like "Please check the No. you have dialed" or "This No. does not exist"!!! Why is it so even for the last three months till date?


Tatasky should instantly suo-motu include News channels Sahara Samay, Janmat,Channel-7, CNN-IBN JAIN TV, S-1 etc and any such new channels coming up in near future. With monthly charges being high at Rs.300 per month, it is also expected with the Tata brand that foreign news channels like Sky, Fox etc. etc. be added. Am I asking for the moon from Tatasky???


Dayanidhi Maran's Sun Network is coming up with own DTH that is why they are not available with other networks. Really really stupid decision he will be definitely last in the race.


TataSky is very slow while changing to another channels. The monthly cost is very high in compare to dish TV. It should be less than or equal to Rs.200. It is very costly to buy the films. Also new films are not get on demand. There is no interesting offer for buying are given by TataSky.


Tata sky can be best if its Sky has Sun-Network on offer though it boasts of Star-TV.


I do not find any comparison of the sound quality provided by the service providers. Are both the same please tell me if any one has noticed the same.


Right now tata sky is of no use to the people of South India .....if tatasky wants to make an impact in south India, they should provide all the channels of SUN NETWORK....AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.....


I am getting mixed reactions in regards to both the Satellite Cable Service Providers but TataSky gets the upper crust on the Sky Networks and after sales services. Breaking the monopoly of the Cable Operators Nuisance and cheating the subscribers all the time. Please I hope they don't do the same. Be Loyal and Honest to the Subscribers. No issues if they charge a little more but BE TRUE TO BE TRUSTWORTHY.


Beside TATASKY and DISH TV (which are value added services) another DTH services also available in India like Prasar Bharati's DD Direct Plus (40 TV channels) and YANHIK's MASR Systems "Freedom Pack"(250 TV channels)which are totally free from monthly subscription. for details:


Is it necessary to recharge every month of can it be charged randomly once tata sky is purchased? Why less info. on it's website?


According to all of your viewers tata sky is the best!! enjoy!! dish tv really sucks!!

DJ Rekhi

With just two Tamil channels and without Podigai there will be hardly any takers. Podigai, Jaya or Raj and the Sun network has to be offered.


Dish TV has its best service than TATA SKY is very cheap than tata.. tata has 100 channels and dish TV has 160 channels just 250/- per month.

Nikhil Gornatyal

Can I get dish TV in Bangladesh for home use


dishtv is more cheap than tatasky.. and also movie on demand..

good quality pic and sound... I will give tatasky 60% and dishtv 90% because dishtv must bring neosports as soon as possible in their platform .. and tatasky does not having sunnetwork and dd+40channel along with radio .. dishtv having sun network and dd+and 40 channels free.. that why? I having dishtv at home ..u all must also buy dishtv..


I would like to know when will Sun Network channels be available on TataSky Platform?


Is it possible to some other channels, like some channels from south (K TV, Gemini....), using this Set Top Box of dish tv.... if so how much is the subscription money?


Whosoever launches new technology in India treat people like third grade people. Sky have a good technology platform in UK. Can Indian viewers expect these facilities through TATASKY?


Add SUN NETWORK & decrease monthly rent. Joseph P

Need information. My requirement is to get free to Air channel and like not to pay any monthly subscriptions. Considering this, please suggest me which DTH to opt for??? Tatasky or DishTV, do they provide such facility.


Both TATA and DISHTV are too much costly because in small areas the monthly charge of cable network is only 100 or 150 per month but the charge of TATA and DISHTV is 300 Rs. so it is very difficult to watch channels on both networks. It is very necessary to reduce their prices.

Prashant Dewal

I want to know if your product can be used in the Republic Of Maldives and is it possible for TataSky to scramble its signal that is beamed on the Indian Ocean?

Kevin Yates

Please confirm if TataSky is available in Lahore, Pakistan?


I just want to know if I purchase your product and install it in the Republic Of Maldives 9situated about 600Kms away from Trivandrum) could all the said channels be viewed?

Kevin Yates

Still TATA has no such quality to compete with ZEE.


Can I get tata sky in Egypt if can find the satellite and if i buy the LNB, decoder etc from India and bring it to Egypt?


SUN Network is not available in Tatasky TDSAT has already fixed 11 may as for final hearing. But still the case is pending in court tdsat are careless they should order SUN to give signals to Tatasky at a la carte basis at 50% of that of cable rates. For further update in this case visit


Tata sky is good, but they are reducing the No. of channels (just few days back the have stopped the broadcasting ETC channels) and they don't provide English movies in the (movie in demand) showcase.


For a dealer Tatasky is good because of service package.


I am having Tata Sky Since Last Dec, Pic quality is really good, Only issue that any programs can be withdrawn without even you informed.


Dishtv is great!


Tata Sky's service is quite unstable considering the incredible offers that it provides.

A tata sky victim

DISHTV is awesome!


Why NEO Sports not available on tata sky?


Goodbye Tata sky.

I am going back to my old Cable connection & Cable Problems ...

Actually TATA sky has failed to keep its committment to their customers.

All efforts of negotiations between them and many channels has been failed, TATA Sky services will not be a good choice until all channels can be viewed on one dish. It doen't work at all in little rains too.When comparing with Asianet Cable connection, Tata Sky is really a bad choice in both money and quality.

Salil Haris

Where is zoom channel, International channels and all that?


Part I of the in depth TATASKY Review is here!

For the TataSky Channel List and Picture Quality Report click here.

Have your say on the Movie Channel Ban here.

If you are a dishtv or TATASKY subscriber please click here.

Have your say on the State of Indian Television here.

Please post all questions in our DTH forums here.

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