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TATASKY Review - Vouchers & Beyond!

tata sky voucher

Ok so here it is. After many a weeks of dillydallying we finally took the plunge and bought into a piece of the TATASKY action. As you know we are old Dish TV viewers and that subscription came to an end rather uneventfully in August this year. Not that Dish TV were bothered or anything as we did not hear from them about renewing the service or anything like that.

So after sitting in front of the now “not getting any signals” Dish STB we decided to see if the mantra of “Entertainment will never be the same again.” was really true.

We bought the TATASKY set-top box or as they call it the “Digicomp” from Mahavir Electronics in Kondhwa, Pune on the 10th of October 2006 at about 3.30pm. We paid Rs.4550.00 and brought the box home. We then called the TATASKY helpline to schedule an installation. The person on the other side was courteous and clear in his diction. A relief for most victims of our otherwise crass call centers. By 4.00pm we had made an appointment for Friday the 13th (just our luck) between 1.00pm and 5.00pm on that day. The whole process was pretty painless and we even got a “Ref. No.” from the customer service executive if we wanted to call them back regarding anything. Just before we finished that call we were asked if we had two vouchers, one for Rs.1000 and the other for Rs.550. We had only two receipts of the total amount mentioned above but no vouchers. So the gentlemen asked us to go back to the shop before Friday and pick the vouchers up as one was an installation voucher and the other was the actual service activation voucher.

At this point we realized that nowhere does TATASKY mention this vouchers stuff and if they do we never got light of this critical information. Anyway we called Mahavir Electronics again and told them that they did not give us the vouchers. A lady said it was no problem and someone would come by later and deliver them to our address later in the day. So all and all we thought the service, up till then was great.

The next day dawned and there was no delivery of the vouchers. So about 6.30pm on the 11th we called the shop and reminded them about the vouchers. Guess what happened next. The kind gentlemen on the line categorically told us he had given us the vouchers yesterday and that was that! He could not be of any further assistance and when we asked him what could we do now, he coolly said we could “buy” another voucher for Rs.550 as we have “lost” the earlier one. We threatened him by saying we would lodge a complaint with TATASKY, he said we could go ahead and do what we wanted. Of course by now a 10000W light bulb had light up over our heads and we realized that this sorry dealer was trying to make money out of prospective TATASKY subscribers. He sure did pick the right bunch to rip off.

This was pure Gold. We could see the next day’s headlines - “India’s leading TATASKY consumer forum moderators get ripped off by crooked dealers.” Well we were not bothered with Mahavir Electronics delinquent attempt at making some extra cash. We just called the helpline again gave them all the invoice details, the shop address and phone numbers. Told them what had happened and they assured us that they would sort it out. Please note that the customer service provided till this point by TATASKY has been excellent. The moral of this little story is that there are two vouchers you must get with the Digicomp and don’t leave the shop without them.

So the installation is still on for the 13th and let us see what other unexpected turns the road takes to the destination called – “Entertainment will never be the same again.” Stay Tuned!

Part II of the in depth TATASKY Review is here!

For the TataSky Channel List and Picture Quality Report click here!

Update! At 10.00am on the 27th of October and despite the repeated promises made by TATASKY helpline that our service will not be deactivated due to us having no recharge vouchers - the service has been deactivated. Many calls were made by us over the last two weeks to remind them that we have not received the vouchers and they assured us that the problem would be resolved before the 26th deadline. Sadly even though the helpline is very nice to talk to they don't seem to be able to deliver on promises made. Complaint IDs are generated at a drop of a hat and one thinks that it's all well and good but unfortunately execution is lagging at the moment. They have requested us to call the rogue dealer (M/S Mahavir Electronics) once again to see if he has had a change of heart and in the meantime TATASKY will try and get our vouchers to us as soon as they can. The service remains deactivated till then.

It is now 11.00am and after a call to the dealer he still claims to have given us the vouchers in his usual rude manner. We have left this feedback with the helpline and have been assured once again by them that the vouchers will be delivered to us within 24 hours.

28th October 3.00pm It has been over 24 hours and we have not received any vouchers. TATASKY representative has been in touch with us and assured us of a speedy resolution.

30th October 9.25am TATASKY representative called us again and assured us of action being taken at their end to restore our service ASAP.

30th October 12.20pm TATASKY Pune representative called us and over a conference call with the erring dealer, we testified that we have never received any vouchers to date from the dealer on purchasing the Digicomp on the 10th of October. The dealer at this point was uncharacteristically quite quiet.

30th October 3.10pm TATASKY representative called to let us know that the dealer would be delivering the vouchers soon. This should be interesting.

31st October 11.05am TATASKY representative let us know that he had procured our vouchers from the dealer and was about to activate our service. We are thankful that this matter has now come to an end. As mentioned earlier this process should have been undertaken while our "grace period" was on so we would not have had any disruption to the service in the first place.

TataSky took 3 working days to resume the service!

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It is a good review. I have been using tata sky for past 7 months and found the service to be good.


Before using it, you need to call tata sky helpline and buy the digicomp. Remember u have to buy that digicomp through credit card. As soon as you get your digicomp, you have to call helpline to schedule the installation. At that time u need to tell that referral coupon no. when you get ur tata sky installed, you will get 2 months subscription free to super saver pack (or south combo).

The coupons are

The coupons would expire on 31st May 2009.


The shop owner has cheated me..!!!

The shop owner is given the 21% off on purchasing the 21" tv, he has informed me like:

The actual rate for TATASky is 3500/- said by owner.

I paid totally 3300/-(somehow) for the TATA Sky connection with recharge card of 1000/- (I am not sure whether this is free with digicomp box). But I didnt see the 21% off.

Can any one explain me on this...!!!


Got the same installed 2 days back. All and all a very satisfying experience pre and post installation. Most important being sticking to commitments and giving the right commitment. If they can't do it, they would say NO. That's something very unusual to any Indian Call centers. Quality of the picture is truly superb except that few ZEE channels are not up to the mark. Way to go TATASKY!! Need to keep this momentum with the growth in subscriber base.


It is a great mistake by TATA who should have announced about the 2 vouchers. If not they should atleast do so now. Obviously TATA must accept responsibility for not educating the public till the last lesson.

Why can't TATA deliver services for the 2 vouchers against the amount paid and endorse the original receipt and get acknowledgement with the receipt No. So simple and the Mahavirians milking ways can be stopped.

S Balasubramanian

Purchased a Tatasky DTH. Things were cool - installation and other things were fine. The no: of channels are never to be compared with DishTV as many of those channels are not even in the to-be-added list of Tatasky. The set-top is another mystery box about whom none tells anything. Once you've taken a DTH, then there is no use of your favourite TV remote [except for volume control] - set top box's remote control takes over. In Tatasky changing a channel is hell according to me. First of all all the channels from 000 to 100 are absolutely blanked and reserved - no use for them. So to go to any channel you'll have to press at least 3 digits. Then delay in response time for switching to another channel is frustratingly slow [ greater than 1 second]! Channel changer is not the main switch in that - groping for it is hard! If you're a frequent channel hopper like me, within one month you'll try to take the set top box and bang it to the ground. There is only one fav list when compared to DishTV's 5 lists - so grouping is also hard. Indeed the website of Tatasky is so bad - info available is pretty limited! Looks like Tatasky will take at least 2 more years to start transmitting all channels that DishTV gives now. No other channel will be offered - these people look like very un-innovative with great ads and nothing good. My advice for people who want almost all the channels to be available is to go for DishTV; else as Tatasky people say - wait for another 2 to 3 years - the channels you wanted might become available...


Remote supplied by TATASKY is not at all comfortable to use.


Our viewing experience and quality has gone UP multi fold with TATASKY. Thumbs Up to Tata for this great signal and service. Suddenly my old TV also shows up like a DVD and Stereo Sound connected to my 5.1 system has made a movie hall in our TV room. GREAT SHOW.


I have taken 3 connections for one flat, so all my TVs are hooked onto Tatasky. My first day of subscribing to Tatasky and guess what? ALL OF MY set top box keep on flashing that it can not receive any signal from the dish. I call up the so called 24 Hour Call center to register the complaint. They promptly do so but tell me that all their engineers are busy and I will have to wait for their call for next 24 hours. I was furious so I asked to be put through to the higher authority. The supervisor comes on line and informs me that it will take maximum of 48 hours for their engineer to service my installation. Be aware! I bought TATASKY thinking the company will have the work and service culture of a TATA company. My first day experience is horrible. They seem only interested in selling the product. Servicing them do not appear to be their priority. Use your own judgment whether you would like to be associated with such a company or not.

Dr. Ketan M. Desai

Well I don't know why people like you find TATASKY service to be bad. I have used both DISHTV and TATASKY and I find tatasky to be hundred times better than dishtv. the picture quality, sound output, the quality of service and the set-top box. In all these, tatasky is miles ahead of dishtv. dishtv is so horrible that I actually threw out the dishtv box and its flimsy dish and installed tatasky in both my tv. There is no professionalism at dishtv and the customer care knows zilch about the service. Every time even clouds gathered on the horizon, my service conked off and the customer care people easily said-"we cant do anything about it". Every time the wind decided to blow, my dish moved and I was left with no signals. You may blame the installer, but on close inspection, it is a design anomaly with dishtv's dish that causes this problem and oh, how can I forget the remote. Ever since the software upgrade, all the buttons on my remote had been shuffled and drove us absolutely bonkers using it. dishtv is totally a piece of junk. if people still sit on their backsides and criticize tatasky and its professionals, then better stay connected to your local goonda cable operator and to whom nobody has the guts to say anything regarding service because they fear for their skins as he will give them a thrashing of their lives. so don't take this opportunity to show your bravado on people who are being sophisticated in conversation, professional in work and giving u the kind of services seen for the first time in India.

Vishal Mathur

I too bought Tata Sky Production from one of distributor in Faridabad and made the payment that includes the cost of Digicomp, installation charges and subscription for 3 months. Initially 13 days were offered as trial days and 14th day the dealer was supposed to charge the coupon which he forgot and my services of TATA SKY were de-activated. On regular follow-up with dealer he could arrange a voucher of Rs. 550/- after 12 hours from my complaint and charged it with an assurance that it will be activated in next 2 hours. I kept on ringing the customer care center in Chandigarh and this dealer till 2.00am on that night finally the account was activated at 8.00am next day.

Surprisingly, even the customer care executive, sales manager or distributor- nobody is aware the process and timing for that process.

I requested the customer care center to activate my account on temporary basis since I made all payment to the dealer but they could not do it.

I would like to know from the management (1) as to WHY THE ACCOUNT CAN NOT BE ACTIVATED TEMPORARY' if this type of instances happen and (2) why the services of Free to Air channels are barred.

up to the Management level no one is clear about their responsibilities and authorities as to who should take this initiative so that someone should give instructions that the services should be resumed temporarily may be for 48 hours and message should be flashed that 'IF YOU DO NOT CHARGE YOUR ACCOUNT IN NEXT 24 HOURS YOUR SERVICES WILL BE DEACTIVATED".

R.P. Sharma

First of all it should include all free to air channels and FM Radio as in Dish TV. Its service in Tamil Reginal Channels is poor, Other than Sun TV there is RAJ TV, SS Music, RAJ Music... Why these channels to be tried?


I have installed a TATASKY. The service is superb. The response from the Customer Care is excellent. I am completely satisfied and happy that I opted for TATASKY.


I have taken the Tata Sky Connection for my Home. The service is very good. The Picture & Sound Quality is superb. I started suggesting all my friends to go for Tata Sky.


In my case TATASky is increasing the price to 300 which is really higher. I have been using this since Sept 2006 now will have to think!!!!!!


The services of TataSky is good compared to other Cable operated channels, but the monthly subscription rate is too high. Besides, there are only few Bengali channels, more Bengali channels should be included.


I have installed TATASky. but your international channels are not available (FOX news, FOX sports,.....).In my case tata sky is increasing the price to Rs.300 which is really higher.


I have taken the Tata Sky Connection for my Home. The service is very good. The Picture & Sound Quality is superb. I started suggesting all my friends and people in my building to go for TATA SKY. Although one thing is that as it is SKY. I feel they should offer the SKY channels they offer internationally like SKY news and then the BBC channels as it is broadcasting from the UK so should expect those channels. Otherwise all else is good and would advice anyone with cable to shut down and go for TATA SKY!


The Tata Sky has the worst service I have ever seen from anyone.

At the time when I had purchased the Connection, I was not told that for the Primary and Secondary Connection will have the same Account and all Account recharges goes to one account. After I came to know this and when I inquired from the Helpline, I was told by the customer Executives that this type of connection is only for blood relations.

Now the problem is, if my landlord does not want to recharge his account, I will not be able to see Tata Sky.

Why is this information not shared at the time of taking the connection?

I am feeling cheated since I have already spent Rs. 1000/- for the Primary Connection and Rs. 500/- for the secondary connection. Now If I need to get both these connections separate, I will have to pay Rs. 1000/- again, which I am not willing to pay at all.

I am filing a Complaint with the Consumer Forum now.


I paid for connection on 30/12/2006. I was verbally promised that connection will be made within 72 hours. Till today 04/01/2007 17.00 hrs., no response from tata Sky. This is the way they promise.


1.Tata Sky should announce a yearly package for subscription renewal with attractive rebate as bonus.

2.More international entertainment channel should be added.

3.Audio Music channels as promised should be started immediately.


Add at least one (if not more) Christian channel and more International Channels I will buy Tata Sky STB.


Why tata sky does not have all south Indian channels like Surya Kiran etc.


Tata SKY is pathetic. I totally disagree with Mr. Vishal Mathur, maybe you are enjoying the connection because you didn't face any problem with them. The day you face a single problem you will start cribbing against the poor service.

The most annoying thing is that they say something else when you goto buy TATA SKY and then once you have bought they would say all together different things.

So Mr. Vishal Beware !!!!


Dear Sir,

My name is Chirag Somaiya, from Mumbai.

I am a Tata Vsnl customer.

I am a TCS digital certificate customer.

It was with this confidence in Tata that I had enrolled for Tata Sky as a new product, but my confidence from TataSKY has got a setback from your CRM team of Tata Sky.

I am very much disappointed from your side as I have to bear for the mistakes committed by your CRM staff.

I had called on 6 th Jan 2007 for registering my digicom box.

I spoke to Miss Ashwini and gave her the details for booking two digisets for two different customers in two different names.

1. Name-Harsha V. Majithia Digibox No.-726362132646 Card No.-17127648
2. Name-Jayshree B.Somaiya. Digibox No.-726362128090 Card No.-17123209

She booked it and gave me the Sub. Id for the first customer as 1001100138 and the installation date was given on 11th Jan 2007,slot of 5-9pm.

She booked the second one and while retrieving the Sub Id. For the second one, she told that the server was down and she would do the needful and gave me that assurance that the same date of installation would be fixed for the second one and ended the call.

Then on the next day i.e., 7th Jan 2007, I again called to reconfirm my booking and at that time I spoke to Miss Nilambari and she told me that the second set was not registered and got it registered at that time and gave me the Sub Id. for the second set as 1001160140 and installation date as 11th Jan 2007 and ended the call.

Question comes that why Ashwini didn‚t register the second one and gave me false assurance that it would be done?

Now when I called on the 10th Jan 2007 for again reconfirming about date of installation. I spoke to Mr. Ajay and he told me that installation would be done on 11 th Jan for Harsha V Majithia and when I asked him about the date of installation for the second customer he told that the second Sub. Id. isn‚t reflecting in the system of Tata so he kept me on hold and searched that no data was there in your System in name of Jayshree Somaiya.

How is that possible as, I got the Sub Id. from Nilambari on the 7th , how was it not reflecting in your system.

I think that even you know that a Sub.Id cannot be created without digibox no. and card no. Then even after I receiving the Sub. Id. for second one why it was not reflecting in the system. I think it is not my fault and why should I suffer for mistake done from your CRM employee?

So I asked Mr. Ajay to transfer the line to a senior as he was not ready to help me and solve my problem. So he transferred it to Mr.Anukul Jagtap ˆ Supervisor present over there and I spoke to him mentioning the above facts and he told me that his staff has even canceled the booking for the first Sub.Id of Harsha Majithia when my call was on.

I don‚t understand that who told him to cancel the 1st Sub Id. and why the 2nd Sub Id. was not created on the first place on the 6th and even after getting the Sub Id on 7th why it wasn't reflecting in your system.

It is nowhere my fault. Then why my schedule of installation got changed directly from 11th to 16th .

When I first spoke to Ajay he gave me the assurance that I would get a call from technicals on 11th for installation then why within 20 minutes when I was still resolving my query, how could your staff back out and cancel the 1st Sub Id.

I think there is some illegal activities taking place for fixing the installation dates and even for Sub. Id.

It is your CRM staff who did the blunder then why my installation period got delayed.

It was nowhere my mistake.and Mr. Anukul backed off that he could not help.

This is not done.

Such a reputed company cannot just back off saying that it cannot help.

This is not Customer Relationship Management.

If you are not able to fulfill your commitments then don‚t be in a habit of giving such promises to the customers.

My faith in Tata has absconded.

I hope you look into the matter and catch hold of the people who were responsible for this blunder from your side and hope my installation of both digibox happens on the same date as was promised and scheduled by your staff i.e. on the 11th of Jan.

I seek your positive reply and if still I don‚t get any positive reply then I may think over to approach to Consumer Court.

But I know that you will seriously look in my matter and would not lead me to the path of approaching Consumer Court as even I wouldn't like to spoil Tata's name as it is a reputed company and I am a customer of Tata since 12 years.

Thanking you,

Chirag Somaiya.



Please be aware that they have a Scheduled installation time. Installation can happen in Preferred time if someone else cancels. So please be aware that installation takes days from complete payment.

You have to lodge complaints to a new person every time U call the call center. He does not own the problem / commitment given earlier. The Dealers also rises arms to SKY & without owning customer issue unlike the services we get for purchase of TV / other goods.


HI TATA SKY should improve a lot to sustain.

being in Chennai (the first CAS implemented city), I opted to go for TATA SKY just because to watch sports. Especially cricket. Once the tour started between West Indies and India, i was shocked to see NEO SPORTS missing in the list (which was present in the list given by tatasky).

One question to TATASKY...

Being a Tamilian, even without SUN Network in your list of channels, i purchased TATASKY just trusting the brand name.

I don't mind if i miss SUN network, but please do not betray us

by not feeding us the cricket matches..

please, whatever talks between you and channel owners, should be completed well before the series starts, please don't wait till the first day of the match,and finally say that you are in touch with the channel owners. WHAT THE HELL WHERE YOU DOING TILL THE FIRST DAY OF THE MATCH?




I only have one request to make.

Please add channels like Zoom, ETV Bihar and other free channels.

Trust me you will see, increase in your subscriber list.

I am very satisfied with your quality and also the ease of use.

I am also happy that you have added neo on 26th January at 5 pm.

I know it takes time to add all the channels but quicker you are, more subscriber you are gonna get..

Sumit Si

Simply put all FTA channels in India on DD-dth and this dth sellers are definitely going to have a run for their money, Also the govt should make them charge in the same way as cable CAS, ie , a basic charge + per channel charges, Most of the channels are useless to most people.


I am not so proud subscriber of Tata Sky DTH services having subscriber ID 1000061578 with Digicomp No. 726217140734 and Digicard no 000001922186. With lot of great expectations and joy, I took the decision of becoming a proud subscriber of your DTH.

Everything, right from getting the STB from your authorized dealer to the CCE call for setting up the Dish, Engineers, installation all went so smooth. Indeed for the 1st time in my Satellite TV viewing history, since the early 90's, I got DVD quality picture, CD quality sound. It was truly an great experience.

But soon your product turned the very cause of my despair.

The reason being; I moved from my residence 13 / 60, Malviya Nagar , Jaipur ˆ 302017, registered with you, to a new address C 86, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur 302017.

In the whole process I ALSO MOVED THE STB ALONG WITH THE DISH ANTENNA, MYSELF to my new residence. The problem cropped up when after almost shifted for 22 to 25 days to my new address, and after enjoying un - interrupted signal and services. The signal went blank to my rude shock, without any caution or notice.

When called upon, your CCE, the call center people, told me to, re-insert my smart card, press 999 something like that. When nothing worked, I was told the engineer would be at my place. In the mean time I also asked her to register my New Address, which according to her was done. Next morning I get the call from your engineer, saying He's at the old address. I asked him to come to my present address. Few minutes later your guy was at my new address, after fiddling around with the system, I gauged the problem and told him that the No signal couldd be because of the reason that I have moved without intimating Tata Sky, and that's why the TV signal's probably would have been stopped.

After this He calls up his superior, and tells me that I have to Pay Rs 1000/- for the shifting and the signals will be restored. This was like bombshell dropped on me.

Yes I am aware of the policy and rules and regulations of Tata Sky. It was also briefed by your engineers that the shifting of Dish Antenna can be done anywhere in India, by the authorized professional.

But no where did your authorized dealer or Engineer (at the time of Installation) or your Terms and Conditions, Rules n Regulations or anywhere in the subscriber form has mentioned that a fee of Rs 1000/- will be charged.

My contention for protest is why this was not told to me at the time of purchase of the Tata Sky STB?

Secondly, is it really justified that for every shifting I do in near future, I will be charged for Rs 1000/-.

Suppose If I do four shifting‚s in a calendar year, Do you mean that, I shall be charged Rs 4000/-. I think it's totally absurd and tells the sick state of the mind of policy makers.

I feel this shall not only prevent people from subscribing to your services, but also sends an negative feelings about this.

Your policy is only for the Subscribers who have their OWN HOMES, and not for those who shift homes because of their work or any other personal obligations.

It's like taking people for a ride, as this particular shifting charge is not told to subscribers in BLACK AND WHITE.

Why pay for the salaries of your people from our hard earned money, and mind it I am not the only case here, there would be hundreds and thousands like me. This it self tells the whole story in terms of the economics.

I find no difference between Tata Sky and Local Cablewallahs, as they are Street Mafia Goons, but you guys are high profiled suited booted goons, to say.

As a result of your negative policy, I am not advising anybody to go in for your services.

As you are aware Internet is a very powerful medium, and I am one of those who have used this power to the max. I shall not leave any websites, Blogs or forums to talk about your anti-Subscriber policy of subsequent Shifting charges of Rs 1000/-.

In fact for the last month or so I have lived my best days without satellite television at my home, and even if I decide not to continue with your services, I believe I have recovered my investment into STB (which is gathering dust) in lieu of my time and happiness brought upon to my family.

Thanks to Tata Sky for it's Anti Subscribers policy.

I am not here to ask for a waiver of such fees, but I would like you guys with great minds, to sit across and decide the waiver of this fees from your policy, may be not the full but a paltry sum, which shall not put hole into middle class pockets.

Another way could be to charge Rs 1000/- for the 1st shifting, and waived for the rest.

In fact as a result of my not communicating to you guys, I am ready to pay the charge for this and only this shifting. In turn I would need from you a letter of assurance that there shall be no shifting charges in future.

This should be done for all Tata Sky Subscribers and not only for me as an special case.

In case I don't receive a reply with solutions, from your side at the earliest, I shall in next fifteen days from the mailing of this letter, shall start posting the truth about TATA SKY DTH services on the Internet. The pinch shall definitely be there to feel, may be not sooner but later. Hyperlinks will be mailed to you to see the impact.

This is not a threat as you may perceive, but just a caution from a commoner who is Tax Payer of this great nation called INDIA.

Appoorv Saxena

DishTV is most sarkari company in India! They are the most stupid and ignorant service provider. Each time they would answer different story. I have been waiting for MY faulty VC replacement for last 15 days but no use. No reply to emails. DONT EVER SUBSCRIBE TO DISHTV !!!


Please do not go for tata sky. At first they have taken Rs 200 per month. After they have increase monthly charge Rs 300. Are aapne Tata sky ka instrument yadi 4500 main kharida aur baad main wo monthly charge 500 kar de to aap kya karoge. Instrument wapas wo aap se lene wale nahi hain.


Tata sky recharge coupon of one month denominations are not available in the market place / with dealers.

Tata sky has NO Online recharge options through Internet / Credit cards / Oxigen outlets...

At least option of Cash payment directly to dealer to recharge is also not available.

Tatasky Customer interface is only call center number. NO commitment at all.

Dealer cannot give commitment for service on behalf of company as they are also not confident of the support.

They don't have showroom to visit & get the issues resolved.

Every time you find a new call center executive receiving at the Tatasky call center.

They are not backed properly by problem management group. No escalation i.e. you cannot opt to speak to their manager.

They are inbound call center and do not even have the option to call back to customer in resolving the problem.

Customer continues to be beggar of services for having made investment of digicomp set top box.

Badly hit by Tatasky

Really got trapped with tatsky connection in all means. they are really looting and no manner in disconnection if we couldnt recharge in 24 hrs.


Man, I have tatasky since jan, now they stopped showing several channels all of a sudden. I called em and they said they have some fight with zee and will be permanently blocked. wtf, I won't pay them.


When I took the tata sky connection I was very happy because it was a welcome change from the erratic services by the local cable operator but soon disillusion started setting in. The services are similarly bad, it is very difficult to connect and the helpline operative wastes a lot of time asking same mundane questions repeatedly, one does not get satisfactory replies to ones queries, moreover they have suddenly taken off a number of popular channels which clearly amounts to cheating.


I do regret for having purchased TATASKY as they do not hold to any promise they had mentioned. I either believe that customer feedback though taken on regular basis is only done as part of their routine work or the same is not sent to higher officials notice.My service started with a promise that 200 Rs denomination will be reduced further but to my surprise they made it 300. More than that they have also reduced the no. of channels. The clarity that they said would offer is more like another commitment to be broken. I 'am totally fed up of their service and do plan to throw away the box out of my windows as they had narrated in one of their advertisement.


It is basically not useful for a typical Keralite family having a subscription without Surya TV and Kiran TV as they are 2 of the most popular channels with rich set of programs.


I am Customer of Tata sky from last 6 months from when they had launched their product in Indian market . Believe me I am promoter of Tatasky also as i always say to other to purchase the same until I had a very bad experience with tatasky customer care employee who sits in Okhla .This happen when I opted to buy one more Digi comp for my another TV and any how i requested the customer care lady to help me in this case but she was so rude that she say some dirt language to me : Bhaad Mai Jaaoo: . I ask the lady about the problem but she said she is busy in chatting with others and she needs no disturbance. I tried to launch the complaint against the lady but all in vain and I landed to your website for help.

I appeal from all Tata sky employee to take strict action against this lady and help me out to get out of this setback.

Tanvir Singh

What kind of channels should be that?


Beware people sitting on helpline phones are trained to talk very nicely, and assure of prompt action on attending your complaints. While assurances are prompt the action is after several reminders telephones and emails.

My a/c with tata sky is 1000119749. Recharged my account on 17/7/07, while Rs.10 per day is deducted promptly, digicard is not authorised inspite of several calls to help desk.


Tata sky is very good dvd picture.


Dear Sir/ Tata Sky provider management

I have planned to install Tata sky but when I had goes through channel package it was very painful to me due to non availibility of our channel ETV BIhar.

So I request with tata sky management that kindly add this channel in your package so that many peoples of bihar like me who live outside and inside of bihar can view and got pleasure to see the born soil and can makes life happy and beautiful.

Hope you will consider my a little request with your management and pl do the needful as soon as possible. I hope you will consider my this small request.

Thanks and regards


My father buy tatasky day before yesterday yet it is not been installed.

What can I do?


I Have DishTV. The picture quality and sound quality is poor. Also they neglect the customer and their service is very poor.They do not give Neo, Neo Plus channels and also no DD channels that is why TataSky is the best.


Dear Anjum,

I have dishtv since more than two years and I am pretty satisfied with dishtv picture quality and its good also all dd channels are available to me . It seems there might be some problem with you connection just try to retune it and then check.



Tata sky services are going down day by day and they are just believe in hiking prices for their channels and putting extra burden of cost to their users.


Tata sky services sucks now, Active cooking not working, their STB's are of low grade just hangs up every time when we are moving channels frequently from one to another.


I want Peace TV, Q TV and all Pakistani channels on tata sky.

or dish tv also..


urgent info

Abdul Haseeb

I took a connection on last November buy promising around 8 malayalam channel suddenly they reduced to 6 channels and when I called customer care they are telling me they are introducing some other regional channels instead of this( Telugu or Tamil) and asking me to watch the same. I dont know what service this means as after buying one connection if they take back the channels I think customers have no option either leave that much money on setup box  and go for new DTH operator or continue with same operator forgetting all there misbehaviours.

Anup R Nair

I am a dishtv customer and have no problems with them right from installation to the viewing experience. The only problem is they don't show some popular channels from NDTV and UTV but that's not a major issue. As I took the package with much awareness of the channels being offered and with no promise of other new channels. So anyone cribbing for new channels its their fault. Guys n gals be reasonable u dont get everything under one roof...thats how life is..


Tatasky customer service is the worst . The calls hangs up when you reach customer service and they don't seem to be staffed at all. I was put on hold for 10 min and head a silly sales pitch all thru till I hung up.


It is very good for non locals.


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I have been a tata sky user for quite sometime now and a happy one.. to start with i have had no installation problems, it was done in no time. and the quality they provide is so much better esp after using the local cable u know the difference between ok and good..and the quality that tata gives is good.. there is no reason why i wld wanna switch to something else now, since i trust them.


Guys, according to me tata as a company is always mentioned when comes to good customer service. and they have maintained that reputation with tata sky as well. thats what made me buy it and i havent regretted a single day since. very good quality, good customer service. at the nd of the day u know its worth it.


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I was having the TATA SKY subscription. There are lots of cheating happening with the Service. Without informing me they changed to another plan and I came to know only after finishing my account balance. When I call then they are telling I have changed that through online. But important fact was, the plan got changed at the same time on which I recharged my account through online. They were not ready to revert my charges even if they know it is some  proper. Please be careful while recharging for big amounts.


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