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All Systems Go! We have Installation!

TATASKY, tata sky
Now that the vouchers fiasco is over we can go ahead with Part 2 of our Tata Sky Review. Friday the 13th started with a call from a Tata Sky representative at around 1.30pm asking us when had we applied for TATASKY? We said a couple of days ago and she said that our Set Top Box would be sent in two days! We told her that we had already purchased a digicomp and then she said, “Oh Ok” and put the phone down!!??!! What was that all about? Was this going to be an installation from hell? Was the curse of Friday the 13th going to come true? Only time would tell.

Fortunately at 2.00pm a guy turned up with the Dish antenna and said the engineers would be turning up later to do the installation. The time scheduled for installation was between 1pm and 5pm. At 4.45pm the TataSky engineers rang the doorbell and the installation was on. They were very courteous and seemed to know what they were doing. They took about 45mins to install the dish on the roof and align it. After which they switched the Thomson digicomp on and took us through the demo. Before this the set top box itself downloaded some “Software” of off the satellite. They said it was getting “activated” and to be honest so were we. At this point we were asked to fill in a form and sign a contract with TATASKY. After which the kind gentlemen left. We must add that at no point did the engineers seem to be in a hurry and they answered all our queries with utmost patience.

The very familiar chunky SKY remote we had been using in Europe, albeit dressed in louder colours here, was once again in our hands. Yes, the TATASKY remote is the same as what SKY uses in the UK. It is a well thought out remote that you get used to using very fast. It also has a unique rubberized battery cover that doubles up as a non-slip grip, quite helpful when watching Australia needing 16 runs off 6 balls against the West Indies! The only downside to this little marvel is the when held in the left hand it seem awkward. Possible gripe for lefties we think.

The one disappointment was that the Digicomp or STB does not have an S-Video out. Only a composite video out connection is provided, although the picture and sound quality is good but would have been far superior if the S-Video output was included. Also different channels seem to have different quality issues. The STAR and SONY Channels look far superior to the Zee channels. Particularly in the sharpness of the images Zee seems very soft. What this leads to is a very hotchpotch experience when clicking across the channels. Especially if you have this box connected to a 29-inch or larger TV. If you connect the set top box to a LCD or Plasma display this disparity in quality of the different channels becomes far more apparent and we really hope they can get this sorted fast.

The EPG or electronic Programme guide is ok and gives you the option to “Book” or schedule an upcoming show on a channel. What this means is that no matter which channel you are watching the box will switch to the Programme booked earlier at the correct time. Here the problem we see with this feature in actual use is that the “booked” Programme does not stay highlighted in the EPG itself. So you have no way of knowing what show are booked. This can be very confusing for the user. This can surely be fixed in future software upgrades. Apart from this one complaint the overall experience is good. The user interface or UI is easy on the eyes and simple to get used to.

The one problem we had with the Zenega CD-1006S Dish TV STB was that it took what seemed like forever to change channels. The pause between two channels on the Thomson on the other hand though not super fast is much quicker. The “Active” functions work as advertised and are very handy for News and Sports events. Making the viewing experience a little more interactive. There is a little plate on the back of the Thomson box that says,” Warning: Disconnect Digicomp from the main supply & telephone line before removing cover. Accurately follow the module installation instructions.” The SKY Digicomps in the UK have a built in modem that connects to a land line to relay information back to the TV center from the viewer in real-time. This is handy in News Channel Polls, surfing the Internet, making ticket bookings and conducting e-banking via the TV service, taking interactivity to the next level. In India we might just have to make do with using SMS.

All in all the TATASKY experience is a good one. As more channels get added and more importantly the fees stay competitive with competition and the cable guy then surely they have a winner on their hands. They will have to watch out that after sales service stays up to the mark with their rapidly increasing subscriber base. We also hope to see TATASKY+ in the coming months, which should have a digicomp with built in hard disk and two tuners so that you can record one TV show while watching another! Yes its all happening here and things will hopefully only get better!

Part I of the in depth TATASKY Review is here.

For the TataSky Channel List and Picture Quality Report click here.

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After taking the best pack from Tata Sky ( Rs 300 per month) they are have stopped airing Neo Sports & asking extra money for that channel. They give so many promotional messages to their customers but no message was given for this channel getting paid. Tata Sky has started CHEATING its customers. In future they can start charging for any other channel also. So pls BEWARE of Tata Sky. Dont go for these cheaters. Apart from this they show less channel compared to Dish TV. You will have to dial STD number to have a word with customer care ( only availaible in four cities). Thats additional cost. Their other PAID Number (1860) does not wok most of the time.

Sudhanshu Gupta, Lucknow

I have taken the Tatasky last month. At the time of purchased I was promised that they will have Rs.260 coupon, but no dealer at Bangalore could get me one. At last I was forced to purchase Rs.550 coupon. While taking the connection they promised me that when ever I want I could temporarily disconnect the service. But when I called the the help line they denied it !!!

Moral of the story is that a lot has to be done in India for better customer service.


It is something new - running on time.


Just like its written in this review the ZEE channels looks horrible when compared to Sony and Star's channels and also I noticed a lot of MACROBLOCKING on several sports channels which is disgusting to watch . THOMSON STB that tata is providing looks really low quality. Why would tata want to associate with Thomson electronics which was a failure in India?


I purchased Tatasky just one day ago. The sound and transmission is fine. But I faced one problem with the set top box. It got 'hanged' once, showing flicker view of menu and I could not use the remote control. The remote and the controls on the box itself were completely useless in that duration. Then I had to switch off and switch on the set top box. Is anybody faced this kind of problem? If yes, please let me know what I should do then. Thanks in advance.


"All your favourite channels in DVD quality picture and CD quality sound"

Both claims are false.

The video signals are not DVD quality. There is clear and noticeable pixelations across all channels. The encoding and compression ratios used are below DVD quality. To experience the pixelations, just wait for fast moving action scenes like explosions. Even a fade in/fade out sequence will catch the pixelations especially in heavy animations (Animax).

I have compared the Full Metal Alchemist broadcast on Animax with the DVD vesion of the same and they are just not the same.

My Tata Sky STB is hooked up to a fairly above average home theatre setup. The audio quality is not the same if the same material was played from a CD.

At best, the sound quality is slightly better than regular cable broadcast in terms of Signal To Noise Ratio.


I welcome such reviews as per Pune gentleman's experience.The Dish TV & Tata Sky need a more professional approach to the vast market. Perhaps a good competition from DD DTH Dish!!

I am waiting for January 2007,wherein all "FTA" channels will be given in the common Bouquet,as with "DD DTH ",and at Rs 5/ -per additional channel you may need like Star Sports,HBO & the like. I will be watching the turn of events from Mumbai to take the best option I can get then. Thanks for the site & contents.

M. Narasimhan

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Tata Sky has better signal quality for Star related channels and its great to watch Star Movies on it. I have hooked it up with Onkyo HT and Samsung LCD. Zee channels are pathetic but adverts are good to watch anywhere. Looks Zee is not giving a good feed to TataSky. Sound quality is good but some time its not that impressive. All that depends that quality they are playing at the Station or the feed they are getting.

Overall its a good experience


TataSky Picture and Sound Quality is Amazing. Clarity is Superb and crystal Clear. It made my 1990 bought Crown TV into Amazing Digital Television. I was surprised to see my old TV showing such brilliant colours and Sound. Only Problem is that it's Costly as 300 Rs/month is too much. It should be somewhere 200 Rupees/month. AND YES ONE MAJOR DRAWBACK--> NO GERMAN TELEVISION/RUSSIAN TELEVISION CHANNEL INCLUDED. TATA should Include that also. I am very fond of watching that German Culture!!

Nitin Rajput

The problem is two fold.

Raj TV cannot expand its operations without the consent of Sun TV. This is the reason why u don't see Raj channels on Tata Sky.

Secondly Sun TV would not want its channels to have a equal footing with other channels. They always want to gain market share by blacking out other channels.


I think they were only interested in selling their digicomps. Which is why after an initial offer of Rs 200 they have hiked it to Rs300. Thats not all. They are now trying to fleece customers to rectify any break in transmission. I have been asked to shell out Rs 300 for a cut cable near my Dish Antenna.


Whenever the electricity goes the system shuts down completely (Tata Sky digicomp)or once we cut of power. The channel changes when the power is on again.


1. TataSky Monthly Charges increased from 200/- to 300/- but No. of Channels Remains the same (same 108 which is also shown in Cable for just Rs. 180/-)

2. No addition in Free Channels

3. Least bothered with the Customers as they are deaf and dumb to the customer queries

4. No Sun Channels yet

5. Final Word: We feel sorry to bought Tata Sky. Except for Clear Picture everything looks daaaaaark!!!!!

Ganesh Pai K

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DVD QUALITY PICTURE IN TATASKY- NEITHER FALSE NOR TRUE. The picture is better than cable tv but it's just not really like DVD. To experience the pixelations, just wait for fast moving action scenes like explosions. But i must tell it is far more better than cable. The picture may be termed as "half DVD".

CD QUALITY SOUND- COMPLETELY FALSE. The sound is not even like cable. Very low quality.

CHARGES- Perfect: Rs 300/- P.M

SERVICING- Very poor. 3 days after i had my dish installed a man called saying " When will i deliver your STB?"

OVERALL- It is not too great as it looks. But if you want to dump your cable guy TATASKY is perfect.


It gives better picture clarity and sound quality. Sure it's better than dishtv or local cable tv. But they are not offering SUN network which is frustrating. Need to add more channels.


Tata Sky Connection is good...


PATHETIC SERVICE....DOES NOT WORK IN THE RAIN..After having gone through the reviews on TATASKy for the past few months, I decided to buy one in the first week of Jan, 07. They took nearly 10 day to connect the antenna. I have now realised that majority of the reviewers who have recommended the product, appear to be living in placed where CAS has not been implemented.But what is the situation in placed where CAS has been implemented; is TATASKY really superior to CAS based set-top box? Much to our harrowing experience during this short span,to all those reading this article on TATASKY - I would just ask one question, would you at all prefer a service which TOTALLY FAILS during the rains????!! For us , residents in Kolkata and other CAS affected regions, we have to either go in for a DTH service or take recourse to the cable operators set-top box, to view the pay channels. For the past six months TATASKY has been aggressively branding their product to be ‚far superior‚ to the cable operators. While I may agree that their picture quality is better in places where CAS has not been implemented, here in Kolkata at least they HAVE TOTALLY CHEATED US.

The first hint of the sorry state of affairs in the DTH service arrived on the day of the first one-dayer between India and Sri Lanka which was to be played here in Kolkata(the rains arrived and the match was ultimately abandoned), on the 4th feb 2007. Most of us, TATASKY owners in Kolkata received the message "The Set-top box in unable to receive a signal.." and the picture blanked out of the screen, for quite some minutes,when the rains started heavily. The same incident kept occurring on other rainy days and even on the 25th Feb 2007, at 8.30 PM when it started raining heavily, and the reception was back only after the rains receded around 9 PM. We have incidentally checked all the electrical connections to see if anything was loose etc..but unfortunately I have come to know that the DTH service will simply NOT WORK IF YOU are living in rainy places- In fact many foreign DTH related websites clearly state that the raindrops absorb and degrade the DTH signals. Users in the North-east and other rainy areas India have a very bitter experience in this respect. and

The picture quality ? DVD QUALITY ? HA ! Only the Star channels and a few others (etv/ Discovery etc) are somewhat DVD quality.Most of the channels picture quality are slightly better than VCD. In fact the entire ZEE and HBO channels are very poor ( most of these channels the picture appears ‚out of focus‚ most of the time---this has been confirmed by several TATASKY owners here.) For further analysis visit:

In comparison, the CAS Based digital set-top box of our local cable operator NEVER fails during the rains. The picture quality is equal to that of tatasky( and in fact some channels like zee and HBO are better than any DTH operator here).And they offer all the channels of Tatasky+ many more like HALLMARK, Boomerang, B4u Music ,B4 Movies, French , German Channels and also FM Radio channels(NONE OF WHICH ARE AVAILABLE IN TATASKY - the so called ‚SUPERIOR‚ DTH service ? in what sense..!!??!!). To our dismay , we learnt that many of our popular local Bengali Channels(TARA Bangla, Kolkata TV, Alpha Tv Bangla,CTVN,Sonar Bangla etc) are NOT available in any DTH service.Similar is the case in other states.We have in its place been offered a gallery of too many channels of other regions. Not to mention that CAS is far cheaper too- for the price of a single TATASKY connection, we can get two CAS digital set top boxes along with it far cheaper rentals(Rs. 80/- for 35 free to air channels and we get to see only the selected pay channels we want for Rs. 5/- only for each pay channel; something NOT YET implemented in TATASKY, which has an inflated fixed rental of Rs300/- per month per subscriber).

So I wonder, how does TATASKY claim themselves to be superior?!!!? The showcase? Why will I pay Rs.75 to view a movie just for one day- that too a few selected Hindi only and no English or regional movies? Moreover we can rent get a good quality DVD on rent for just Rs. 30/- per day ! The cable operators have dedicated a few channels only for movies of their choice- Hindi, English and regional; no separate charges are required. Well the active games/ whizkids etc etc ? Absolutely bullshit ! You can play far better games on you PC and even video games. NOT TO MENTION IT ALL, the terrible rain disruption will mean that, we esp. in the rainy areas in India will have to keep our TVs fitted with TATASKY connections , switched off during most part of the monsoon season- which means nearly 5 months a year in eastern and north eastern India. Therefore to prospective buyers BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE ∑.If you are living in CAS affected areas, do stick to your cable operator‚s set top box. In case you are living in an absolutely dry area in the country; and if CAS has not been implemented , you may go in for the service taking other points into consideration.. As far as we in Kolkata are concerned, TATASKY will soon be TATA BYE BYE.


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As Gagan tells, the color and sound below cable operator signals. The only plus point in tata sky is interactive service.


Installed the tata sky couple of days back. Purchased the digicomp from and was delivered on 3rd day. I called up the customer service and the guy who answered booked the time couple of days later. Received call the same evening confirming the appointment. The call center guy explained exactly what i need to do and how to pay installation charges though the recharge coupon.

Engineers showed up and installed the dish, put down the required wiring and they even put the complete new wiring even though i had a good condition coaxial already in place. They asked if i want to keep the old wire or change it to their new wire and once i told i would like new they did that in matter of 30 mins and system was up and running.

The picture quality is noticeably better than cable and my neighbour's dishtv. The sound is good. some channels like star movies HBO which were never stereo before are actually broadcasted using stereo sound which is amazing to listen to on a nice creative Z5500 home theater setup.( i use Dolby emulation mode which works wonders with these speakers ).

OK the quality may not be actually dvd quality but its way better than anything else.

The installation guys didn't ask for anything extra( was nice to see genuine honest low level labour people for once in india).

Overall very satisfied. Active sports is nice feature.

You can change the language on the fly from English to Hindi for channels that are aired in both languages. Helps when my little 3 year old nephew who don't understand much of English watch the cartoons and discovery in Hindi.

Overall two thumbs up.

The problems with service may be related to locality. Here in Mumbai the service is top notch. The help desk is very helpful and patient and same goes to engineers.

I hope they offer some sort of hardware upgrade for STB soon as i am buying a full HD 1080P capable 40inch LCD TV soon. An HDMI or at least component version will be better.


Hello! I live in Sri Lanka. Can I get a TATA SKY connection?


Tata sky is good but my tata sky only few channel has stuck so what to do?


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Man, I have Tatasky since Jan, now they stopped showing several channels all of a sudden. I called them and they said they have some fight with zee and will be permanently blocked. wtf, I wont pay them.


For those of u who are planning to get TATA SKY, plzzzz DONT buy it . If u carefully read this thread around 70% are unhappy after buying this, including me. I live in Karnataka and we need Kannada channels, but these guys are providing only 2 Kannada channels as against around 10 channels that was being provided by the previous cable operator. Also the India vs. Bangladesh match which is being telecasted on Neo sports is also not coming. They have blocked many channels that they had promised at the beginning. This is a total waste of money...Plzzz stick to ur cablewallahs for some more time until all these issues are cleared up!!!!


I have installed Tata Sky DTH last week now I have suffered from it's due pay alert of 1200 approx amount. But I have already pay full amount at the purchase time. I think Tatasky service is more costly for Middle class family.


The Help line numbers are NOT toll free.

IVR system is faulty. I tried to recharge my account yesterday (June 14th 2007). I was not able to confirm the 15 digit number. The system was not recording the keystroke to confirm.

The service person on the phone was also not helpful. I had to spent 12min and 56 sec. to know that the number was used to charge some one else's account. Now to correct that they asked me to send the coupon to Bangalore.

Total time and expense:

550 for coupon including the "service" tax

12 Min and 56 seconds STD call from Chennai to Hyderabad

15 Min on BSNL line (they say it is considered as a local number)

Now to send the coupon to B'lore, another 20 Rs.

Ha... great service.


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Trusted TATA's but.....will dissuade people NOT TO BUY. Feeling cheated!!


Anyway, at last I have decided to go with TATASKY because it is either /or situation between DISHTV and TATASKY. Feel relaxed after going through the mails chain. Somebody wish me good luck.

Arvind Kumar

I really need to get tata sky! I live in Sri Lanka. Is it possible?


What a stupid is the TATA SKY. I will not at all recommend to put TATA Sky to any one.
Daily there is signal problem. In just 1 month we had complained 4 times to the customer care. The problem persist even after change of Set top box. We had thought that it will be good too be with TATA brand but I don't know what the product does the TATA has introduced.

Subscriber ID : 1006444812 (VINAY MALANI)

In such circumstances it is impossible to recommend / repeat TATA brand.

Above has also been mailed to - No reply till date!

Vinay Malani

Just got mine. The video quality is ok, but doesn't come close to what I've seen in the US (direct TV). Although it is definitely better than the local cable-wallah's.

There is noticeable pixelization on certain channels, but it might have to do with the content providers themselves. NDTV, Times NOW are notorious in this regard (even on cable TV).

I also have an issue with only composite video output. Is anyone aware of any 3-rd party STBs that work with Tata Sky?


NO !!! Say no to TATASKY!!.  They do not have any respect for regional channels.  They are broadcasting only 3 channels. Recharge coupons available only in Rs.1000/- denomination. 16 Digit Code on recharge coupon is not at all visible especially 6, 0, 8 are almost look alike.  Never ever subscribe to TATASKY! I am really frustrated not having thaken their service.


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Just got mine. The video quality is ok, but doesn't come close to what I've seen in the US (direct TV). Although it is definitely better than the local cable-wallah's.

There is noticeable pixelization on certain channels, but it might have to do with the content providers themselves. NDTV, Times NOW are notorious in this regard (even on cable TV).

I also have an issue with only composite video output. Is anyone aware of any 3-rd party STBs that work with Tata Sky?


NO !!! Say no to TataSky!!. They do not have any respect for regional channels. Recharge coupons available in only Rs.1000/- denomination. 16 digit code on recharge coupons is not at all visible especially 6, 0, 8 almost look alike. Never ever subcribe to TataSky! I am really frustrated now having taken their service....

Bad Guys....


Tata Sky is racist company, they have stopped relaying ETC Punjabi channel which carries LIVE GURBANI from GOLDEN TEMPLE Amritsar for 6 hrs daily


I have purchased tatsky STB and planing to use in UAE. I will install it by this week and I will let u know  the results...


TATA SKY AND DISH TV are totally waste instruments.
Local cable is THE BEST.

If you are wise go for second option.


One of the most irritating features of TataSky is the constantly flashing 8 digit security code right in the middle of your screen. So if you are thinking of viewing pleasure, just forget it. TataSky is just a somewhat better quality cable provider with all the irritations built-in.


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My experience with tatasky is very bad from the start....I had booked my tatasky connection through their website and pay by credit card, then I call up customer care and give details about this, they said it takes 48 hrs to deliver the required components and for setup, after 48 hrs I called up again as no one came here for installation neither i recive my hardware...and this story carry on for a months time and then finally they came and installed it, but it doesn't ends here after 2 days all my channels were gone a blank screen then i again called up, they came there and check and said digicomp was fauly and it took one week to replace that and lot of calls ....know what to do their customer care is I am seriously planning to sell it off.


Dear All,

I have a lot of articles here about tatasky and just to share my review also here I have both dishtv and tatasky, I may not agree on some points given by users here about there customer service, as I have faced a lot of bad experience with customer care like they are rude, lack of proper information, doesn't allow us to speak to supervisors, some times not registering complaints and giving you fake complaint numbers all this happened to me and then I have decided to go for dishtv...I can say though customer service is not the best in dishtv but its far better then others, they are polite and allow to to speak to supervisors in case of serious problems.

What I feel is customer service is face of product and company and dishtv is maintaining that.


Can anyone help me, my TataSky suddenly has a blue screen saying "The Tata Sky digicard is not authorised" no one on their helpline seems to speak english so thought I would try here. I've tried all the things I would do with my Sky in the UK.


I just Purchase Tata Sky Channel, the problem being facing a picture is sometime hang up this problem now i face in the morning & evening time, after few days all channel has gone.. I dont know how the channel all delete after i call to customer care no.. i explained every thing then he took the complaint and given complaint ref No. now iam waiting tata sky representative lets see,,,,

Shaikh Nisar

Hi Guys its great see that we have a forum which can talk about the pathetic service from TATA service.

Customers are deceived by their false advertisement so called DVD video and CD quality audio buts not so advertisement is fake, the TATA SKY STB has problems, it does freezes, it works neither with the remote controller or the box buttons sick. Now I understand that Thompson really doesn’t have quality and it’s a failure. It requires a hard shutdown, I mean unplug and replugin the power cord that’s sick.

TATA SKY can come up with some plans which would serve little flexibility to the customer and that way we pay for selective channels which actually can cost me to RS. 150 maximum. They don’t have that.

“WATCH OUT”  They say that the box is absolutely incompatible with other service provider well that’s mean they are just stealing us. So what do they mean by we own the box?  though we don’t pay the rental we still have to bank on lousy service provider  . Because they keep changing their plan, changing some channels where you will have to pay extra to watch them . You are doomed  and you obviously end up paying more "day light robbery".

Shankar Vignesh

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Well there was a lot talked about the customer service of any company be it Airtel, hutch, Tatasky, dishtv etc...and rightly said by some member here that "customer service is face of the procduct and company". Let me share my views on that as I have dishtv for last 6 months and it was rainy season with heavy wind and due to that my alaignment got disturbed which results in in poor quality picture and some missing channels, first I try to reset it by myself but things gone worst then I called up dishtv customer care and register my complaint their and was told to wait for 48-72 hrs for that a service engg. will come and rectify that. But to my big surprise next day morning 11 am the enginner was their and that guys takes only 10-15min to resolve that. After that till now I haven't face any problem...good going ...dishtv.


Tata sky must add Raj TV in its service.  Otherwise I face no problem in Tata Sky. For two months I have not faced any problem except due to rain.  I strongly recommend Tata Sky.


Tata sky subscription charges increases day by day now they are charginh Rs.350 for complete package with sun channels and still neo sports is missing, and for that you have to subscribe for Rs.199 anually that means Rs.16-17 extra, that is subscription is increases to Rs.366-367 per month. And now they are planning to increase their charges by adding channels to different gold packages....its really a bad move just putting up extra burden on customer.


I have just purchase tatasky, they have promised to give Audio channels and the day they installed it, they have dropped all the Radio channels. What the worst promises made by them. just don't care about their customers.


For the last one month I am facing problem with my digicom on tatasky, it got hanged very frequently as when I am trying to change channels frequently, I have complaint more then ten times and it was just waste no body is ready to solve and ready to listen at all after investing so much money on phone calls and so much of pain but still my problem is not resolved..what the worst service they are providing to their customer. Its really sad.


Mini kids launched on dishtv

Guys dishtv has launced new active service called Mini Kids, it was really interesting and informative, yesterday I have spend some time playing games on this with my small kid and enjoyed very much. There are two different levels (simple and difficult) and four  games (like Printing, puzzle etc), Frankly speaking all these games were nice and also very much informative and intresting. And the best part of their mini kids is that they have added sound to these games which gives us feel like its lively done further one more thing which cates our attraction is the gk tips they are providing before the start of new game.

Over all its a good experience while playing, and I hope kids will definitely enjoy this and learn more out of this.


I wanted to programme my universal remote to use it for controling the TataSky Digicomp...? Is it possible? has anyone found the code for this chunky TataSky remote???

Please share!


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I wanted to buy TataSky. But after reading all the reviews here, I have decided to defer buying it. Maybe, I will wait for another year. BSNL has launched IPTV. Time to wait and watch.


Many comments on signal loss while raining:

Rain and snow can have a negative effect on satellite signal reception making the digital picture freeze, pixel or go out altogether. This loss of signal is commonly referred to as “rain fade” or signal attenuation. Satellite television reception is affected by two factors:

1. Water in the atmosphere

2. Water on the dish and LNB

To prevent loss of picture due to attenuation, satellite service providers transmit signals down with extra power in areas where it rains frequently. This extra power is called the rain fade margin. In many cases, the loss of signal strength due to rain is not more than the rain fade margin, so you can still be watching TV when it rains. You lose picture when there is enough water in the atmosphere to completely block the signal, or more likely when the signal loss caused by a combination of water in the atmosphere and water on the dish and LNB exceed the rain fade margin.


I am also a unfortunately costumer of tatasky no a lottery group. In Karnataka Govt. ban lottery but tatasky started a lottery by means of LAKAPATHI KAUN? When we participate there will charge of Rs.10 from our account . This is a new gambling by a great group. Ha Ha Ha!


After going though all the comments I have to keep my fingers crossed. I have also booked for TATA SKY knowingly or un-knowingly. GOD save the public.

Varadaraj T D

I have seen some information in some sites about sun direct STB'S,

   1.   They are not interoperable with other dth services.

   2.   They are not following BI Standards and Govt norms.

   3.   They have got license for MPEG2 but running with MPEG4.

   4.   All this because they are in power in south and they have made political pressure on govt.

   5.    Their stb's are sub standard, as they are providing it for free and how can any company will afford such a huge loss as they have purchased it.

My question is if all its true and I think its true (90%), then why not govt told them to stop their transmission and if they want to continue then go as per govt norms and standards. as other dth are also their in market since long time and following those standards.

Its really very bad on the part of sun dth , and I suppose they are just cheating with govt and playing with govt due to heavy influence in politics.


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My kind advice to all the people out there, the service that TATASKY is utter waste of money. They say more than 150 channels for 350/- but still we can't see all the channels as they are seperated from other channels and have to pay for the channels. The Active services which they are providing is good, but they are charging for that too if the person is paying 350/- per month. This is really hurting being a TATASKY customer.

Compared to DISHTV, this is really waste going for TATASKY.. for service and channels better you can go for ZEE group.. DISHTV.. They are providing all the channels if the customer pays the amount of 350/-.. Me plannning to change to TATASKY.. but I bought 1 year pack.. which makes me to stay with this USELESS service provider for another one more month..

Not Worth for your valuable money to see DTH with TATASKY.


Tata sky is  very good. Service is much better.


Tata sky has poor customer service, after sales service and is looting customers by putting up all new channels in add-on packs and charging cutomer for subscribing those. Even they are charging for FTA channels as well.



09 April 2008

Time : 12:30

I received ICICI bank advertisement at home on offering of TATA SKY product. Based on the advertisement I initiated my query and request to TATA SKY help line at Pune. 1st time on 1st April 2008, I talk to Mr. Ajay for Hardware (my Order number is 1-1341724641). He told that maximum delivery time is 3 days, but he will see if it can be delivered in 2 days; mean while during transaction a telephone help line booking call gets disconnected. When I called again, I talk to Mr. Kunal and booked my order on ICICI bank Credit card and I was assured that hardware would be delivered in maximum 72 hours (by 3rd April 2008).

After 2nd day late evening I started communicating to help line till 5th April Night. During this period I talk with your operators and Team Leaders named Mr Panse, Mr Hrishikesh and Mr Nair. No one could able to tell me about my hardware’s status and what would be exact delivery time-frame. I sent email to TATA SKY help line ( and launch a complaint, even till today no one responded to my email nor even taken a pain to call me (my complaint number is 1-1356148492).

During this period I have spoil my time and money on phone calls and talking to TATA SKY people who are just Puppet.

All the way you have taken advance payment and its very surprising after taking advance payment, you are not able to deliver the hardware or convey me the status of hardware even till today (mean while As per my initial discussion with help line people and the assurity given for delivery, I requested my cable operator to cut cable line).

However I got Local dealer details from your website, I call total 03 dealers near in my area and every one told me that they can deliverer the hardware in 2 hours to my home and Payment can be made after hardware reach to me. If your dealer can do this then I do not see why there is delay for direct order.

Further I came to know from help line that after receiving hardware, again I have to put a call for Installation, which will again take maximum 72 hours (as per your marketing help line comments) for it.

If you would be fair enough with the customer at the beginning and tell us that it would take 10-15 days the expectation can be build up.

Now today dated 09 April 2008 at 12:30, a delivery person appears with hardware for delivery.

Looking after their response, a service and decelerate in delivery from the beginning, I have lost my trust on TATA SKY. And I decided not to continue with them.


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I want to ask guys at Tata Sky, how can they ASSURE & PROMISE "DVD QUALITY VIDEO & CD QUALITY AUDIO" when their very Set Top Box does not ouput COMPONENT video?  How can you get DVD video from the lowest end COMPOSITE video??  Is there anyone hearing at Tata Sky?

Secondly, My father-in-law is one of the earlier customers of Tata Sky and TO MY SURPRISE & SHOCK, his STB is of different version!! The clarity is comparatively better with much sharper images.  He had got this box when the installation cost were 4000/- which now are dropped to 1499/- (+hidden 1000/-).

The older box has its indicator LEDs and remote IR receiver at the bottom whereas the new boxes have it on top!

To test, I replaced my box directy with his, on his TV itself and the difference was noticable!  I know this is crazy!  Seems like Tata Sky has is offering reduced quality at reduced price!!

I'm not going to leave this matter here!


I took the Tata Sky Connection when I was Bhubaneswar. Now I have got transferred to Bangalore. I contacted customer care helpline here for the installation of Dish then I was told by the representative that since the I have nill balance in the connection they can't install the dish. As rule of the company I must get it recharged first and then only the dish will be installed. What kind of rule is it? Rules and Policies are made to run the company and to help the customers.

Now without getting the dish installed ,I am unable to get it recharged. Seeking help from any sensible person from Tata Sky.

Pradeep Seraphim 9945045500

I am customer of Tatasky, I have free to air channel on Tatasky like ETVMP and SaharaMP.


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The Worst ever customer service I have seen on Earth!!!

Dazzled with the adverts, I decide to get TATA Sky (I'm a resident of chennai and have no option to opt out of set top box)

I had the worst ever experience of my life.

It takes ages to get through the call center (even u go through a dealer u have to go through a call center to have installation done )

Each call center guy tells you a different story of the process ....making your life miserable.

The call center guys are very rude and they hang up on you, and you are put in another never ending hold.

I had a very bad expoerince with them... Its been two weeks now since I have got my set top box... but they haven't installed Tata sky yet!!!!!

Very pathertic... Don't ever go for it in chennai... The local cable guy would be a better option !!!!



Considering it as tata's venture I thougth of installing the dish. Tatasky help line said that the will book on line, though I asked for dealer's address it was not given. I also explained that I stay in flat and want dish to be installed in balcony (my flat has four balconies in three directions). I ordered on line and within three days I received set-top-box, at that time also we explained that we want dish in balcony. The person delivered the box assured us that it will be fixed in balcony, we paid in cash.
We asked to send engineer on 18th no one came, but informed telephonically that, they will come on 19th at 0900hrs because power is off after 1200hrs. The engineer (if they are engineer) came at 1630 and informed that dish can not be fixed in balcony. On contacting tata helpline I was told to contact dealer and to explain the things and ask for refund.

I did not order from dealer, tatasky helpline person has ordered, then they should ask dealer for taking back the set and return the money but I am told that helpline will not do so.

My point is - I was not allowed to contact dealer in first place, the order was given to tatasky helpline then why ask me now to contact dealer for refund. This is nothing but making fool of customer.

The system of tatasky installation is faulty. They have three component
1 - Online service which orders
2 - Dealer/agency which supplies
3 - Engineer who installs

All these agencies work independently without any coordination now I am stuck with set-top-box and no connection.

I HAVE ASKED TATASKY TO REFUND ONLY GOD KNOWES WHETHER I WILL GET OR NOT. I am told to wait for two days for information.


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Customer service takes at least half an hour to get through if you want to speak to someone. Listen to their music on STD - they don't have a toll free number, not even local numbers in major cities.


Their helpline is the most useless in the world. You can never get through to them. I have been trying since last 3 days to speak to an assistant to add TEN sports to my package. I have sent SMS from my registered mobile number, sent email & even subscribed through land line but to no avail. There is no TEN sports yet!!


Please update the regionwise channel broadcasting for cheaper pakages, Example: Offer more Marathi channels and regional channels insted of south channels in Maharashtra & viceversa, ultimately the regional customer will get the more satisfaction in lesser amount of cost.


Tata Sky is the best!


From what I have gathered, in comparison to other dth operators, TataSky has the best customer care service!

I am using a tata sky connection for a while now and have faced no problems till date. Whenever i have made any requests (either to change my pack or activate another channel etc), they have been very prompt to revert and handle my issues. Their service quality is what impresses me the most.


I have installed my tata sky before three months after I had heard that new channels were added I was very happy but I heard that they are adding new packages . I was very sad, moreover our neighbors who had installed dish tv said that there are new channels like colors. 9x, ndtvimagine without any packages I installed Dishtv ,its working fine better than tatasky,economical packages,easy payment options.


TATA-SKY is deliberately cheating customers!!! To begin with..(1st) They announced all channels package at Rs 300, now every other channel getting added to the list is not updated, untill and unless you pay for each of them individually and is not being adjusted in the current package, although subscribed for all channels.(2nd)The customer service is worst in the world to get through.(3rd)The website support or upgradation of pacakge is only posssible, when you change the package with the new one available, no option to fit it in with existing one. So what about the existing customers???.(4th) Meagre avaialbility and flexibility of recharge vouchers with the retailers, either they don't have it or you will have to be there by a stipulated time, to get a printed PIN slip, else the explanation provided by retailers goes as... "they have shut down the their servers".. does it make sense??.(5th)Customers have to follow the packages generated by them, no option to customize it...for god's sake... they need to understand the diverse customer needs, this a common sense that a person from chennai won't like to watch bengali channels and vice-versa.(6th)If the connection goes bad...customers are doomed...(get back to the 2nd point), one has to start all over again, call, call and call, yell at them for servicing, and they have all the reason to be busy and turn a deaf ear to your plea of help....It's better to stick with good old cable connection, rather paying more for less.



Tata sky is good in oman and middle east. but not many tamil channels...
any idea when they will add more tamil channels?


I purchased Tata sky plus few months back. I received the settop box on time. This surprised me a little as I have read too many bad reviews over the internet. In every service there are people with bad experiences, (just read reviews on big tv and dish tv). I have had no big issues with Tata sky and am quiet happy and content. Just because few people have had bad experiences does not mean everyone is unhappy. Definitely not me! Tata sky is better compared to others.


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