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Sally Beaumont

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Sally is an accomplished Actor in both Films as well as on Stage, Model and Voice-Over Artist in the U.K. Some of her clients include: The Londoner, Unilever, Limbomedia, Triangle Television, The Open University, BAE Systems, the NHS (Dept. of Health), Alphaquad, Timeless Secret Skincare, Mobal Communications, Softbrands, Calor Gas among others.

Sally can sound Crisp, Cool, Sophisticated, Fun, Sweet, Quirky and Corporate. She has plenty of experience in documentary voice over. Her tone can vary from an enthusiastic academic, a serious businessperson or an accessible young person.

She has also worked in commercials for radio and television. Her voice demos above show slinky, sexy sales pitches, a comic Londoner, a sincere appeal and a funky young make up commercial. She can adapt her accent to make it more or less standard and her tone is extremely versatile. She has been used in both the UK and US for commercials, and clients find her classic English accent very marketable all over the world!

Her voice has become many different things over the years. She can do child and teenage voices, posh ladies, royalty, and more. She can usually pull a few interesting ideas out of the bag, so whether you need a mad scientist or a talking banana Sally will do the job!

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