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James B Nicholson

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James has been living and working in Hong Kong since 1982. He has the experience and voice to deal with anything thrown at him script-wise. In India people have heard him over the last decade on Star Movies, Star World and Star Sports.

Some past clients selected from the hundreds of voiceovers performed each year by James.

* Coca-Cola* Kodak* Shell* De Beers* Seiko* Philips* Honda* Minolta* General Electric* Cartoon Network* Hewlett Packard* Mercedes-Benz* Sheraton Hotels* Canadian Airlines* American Express* Holiday Inn* McDonald's* Miller* Jaguar* Ericsson* Panasonic* Schweppes* Gillette* M&M's* IBM* Visa* Ikea* Pepsi* Xerox* Konica* Hitachi* Michelin* Remy Martin* Toshiba* Kenwood* Reebok* Intel* Toyota* Hitachi* Acuvue* CNN* TNT* HSBC* NBC* Star TV* DHL* VO5* Epson

Narrator for:"Bruce Lee - The Legend" by Golden Harvest Films

And "Asian Enigma" by the Discovery Channel

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