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Adam Behr

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Adam Behr travels consistently with his high quality mobile studio equipment.

He has a very good home studio with Source-connect, protools and Qr-545, soundproofing, as well as a mobile studio version.

He has done a lot of globalisation work, for companies such as M2, and many individual clients who are looking for a "global sound".

He does a lot of international work as US clients such as Coke, Deloitte, HP, Microsoft, Sony and many more, prefer his voice and sound as it is truly global.

In addition to this Adam works in many accents/dialects in English for both serious and character VO work, among these are:

South African, African( Pan -African,and others), N.American, Brit(various), Middle eastern.

(Arabic, Egyptian, Israeli) - for CNN and others, Spanish, Franch, Italian, East Indian, Caribbean, E.European (perfect match for Borat) and many more. He is the main middle eastern voice person for CNN's documentaries and recently did 14 different characters for their "God's Warriors" Mini-series.

Adam also works in Afrikaans language and has done quite a bit of this for US companies doing business in Southern Africa and Namibia. He also recently did a job in Swahili too.

He is also the lead villain on CBS's brand new prime time cartoon series "Sushi Pack" - He plays "Titanium Chef".

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