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Problem with Installation & Customer Care

by Satish Aggarwal

Just pasting the applications written to them about the problem. You'll get a good idea of what kind of services they provide.\

Application 1
Regd. No. 1-1771045729

Dear Sir,
We had credited Rs. 2499 on 03-07-2008 for Tata Sky connection after calling your customer care helpline at Chandigarh. It was promised by your executive that SetTop box will be delivered on 04-07-2008 & connection will be installed within 72 hours of booking time i.e. buy 06-07-2008.

Anyhow neither we got the Box nor connection is installed even after lapsing of 72 hours. In the meantime we made calls on your helpline 3 times from Mobile.

I had very good impression of TATA from very childhood but found in this case that TATA is also making false promises as marketing tool.

Dominos is better than tata who promise for 30 minute delivery or free Pizza.

But TATA should be above Dominos but here prospective customers are made to suffer monetary & emotionally regarding faith in a group like TATA.

As you have not fulfilled promise due to inefficiency of your staff/management I want to know that how would you compensate customer.

Hoping for your reply.


Regd. No. 1-1771045729

Application 2
Dear Sir,
That I requested for TATA Sky details on 26-06-2008 & got the brochure on my e-mail address on the same day.

That we enquired from your helpline Number regarding installation of TATA Sky on 03-07-2008 evening.

That we were told that after crediting Rs. 2499/- through credit card, we will get hardware within 24 hours & fully functional

installation within 72 hours from time of payment & also told that one month subscription will be free & further told that if we give coupon code (Refer a friend) additional 1 month subscription shall be added to our & friends A/C.

Believing TATA reputation we paid Rs. 2499/- on 03-07-2008 around 7 PM through credit card on Thursday.

That when we did not get delivery of hardware in 24 hours, we made calls on your helpline to get reply that installation will be fully functional in 72 hours i.e. by 6:45 PM on 06-07-2008.

That when we did not got even hardware by 8 PM on 07-07-2008 we made calls on your helpline Nos. but did not get satisfactory reply for delay. Instead excuses / interpretation of 72 hours accordingly to your convince which is an act of befooling by your call center workers.

That your delivery man came on 08-07-2008 at 8 PM with hardware which we refused as installation will be further delayed by 5-7 days as per Gurpreet (your call center worker).

Sensing troubles in after sales service which will be most painful because of Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and non-working hours and above all inefficient staff.

It is further requested to kindly refund Rs. 2499/- immediately as you have failed to comply with promise of installation within 72 hours, as committed/promised and even after 120 hours of registration i.e. 3 working days of Friday, Monday and Tuesday as was interpreted by your call center employee Ms. Jasmine and Gurpreet.

Hoping for immediate refund in 15 days to avoid legal consequences.


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