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Voice-overs The Myth & The Magic!

Ever since we started Indian Voice-Overs in 2006, which has become India’s leading voice agency today, we have naturally been overrun by new aspiring voiceover artistes from across the country. They all want us to give them their first break into the profession and many indeed have nice voices. The one BIG myth they all bring along with them is, that “their good voice” is all that they need to make it in the industry. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Female Voiceovers

The fact is that the voice artist gets paid exceptionally well to perform with his or her voice. Hence the term artist or actor usually follows the word voice. There is no magic or voodoo involved in becoming a successful voiceover today. You basically need 3 main things:

1. A passion to become a voiceover artist. 2. Proper training with an established and credible voice training center. 3. A global platform to showcase your talent and skills as a Voice-over not just in India but across the world. You‘ll notice the “Good Voice” didn’t make it to the top three. Before we get to that let us first visit these three points in a little detail now. The Passion: It is indeed the start of pretty much any career, voiceovers are no exception. Passion is the fuel for your push in to anything new. This is particularly true of show-business, of which voiceovers are an integral part. Like becoming a successful actor requires many things to come together and the process is not an exact science. Just like no one on the planet knows – What really makes a Super Hit Box-Office Blockbuster? If they knew every movie would be one. In any of the performing arts persistence is key. The "never give up" attitude is the secret to a successful career as a voiceover artist. Proper Training: This is the make or break point. In other words very important to a successful voiceover career. We believe that when it comes to voice training, one size does NOT fit all. Your voice, just like you, is unique. Therefore our course is built around the 1-2-1 format, that means only one student is trained at one time. This helps in efficient use of your time where your strengths are enhanced and weaknesses worked up on and reduced. Many people get drawn towards "celebrity" voiceover artists who are also trainers but this is usually a mistake. For example anyone who claims to be India's No.1 voice artist may be very good at doing voice overs but not good at teaching them. If success of one person could be transferred to another simply via training, Amitabh Bachchan would have started an acting school decades ago. Doing something well and teaching something well are two absolutely different things. Ask yourself this, if you want to be a Sachin Tendulkar will Sachin Tendulkar be able to make you another Sachin Tendulkar or not. You will see the answer is obvious. Only his coach can make another Sachin Tendulkar. The finished product cannot create another product. The Agent: After the proper training comes the “Selling” or “Marketing” of your skill and talent. You need an agent or agency that will reach far and wide within the country and across the globe to help voiceover work come your way. This profession is highly competitive and the spectrum and quantity of work needed to be done far outstrips the number of trained voice artistes required to do it. In other words there is a massive gap between the demand and supply of trained voiceover talent in India today.

Male Voice overs

So what happened to, “I have a good voice, therefore I am a good voiceover”. To put it plainly every person’s voice is unique. Like a fingerprint. Hence, once you speak with the correct understanding of what verbal communication truly is, only you will sound like you. The characteristics of your unique voice will determine the jobs you will get. With the amount of work that needs to be voiced, there is enough for everyone to have a chance at breaking through. You just have to find your niche. Today, the opportunities in India are limitless for new up and coming voiceover artistes. Globalization means that the world operates more and more as a single entity. The client could be in New York the agent in Pune and the voiceover artist in New Delhi. It all works and is possible because of the internet. So to all those aspiring new voiceover artists out there who can’t wait to get their voiceover careers off to a flying start, STOP and ask yourselves would you go and apply for a pilots job, just because you are able to drive a car?

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