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A new world requires a new way of learning. Our Online Voice-Over Training brings all the great benefits of Private Coaching to the comfort of your home. We connect on our website and the session takes place via an online video call. The course includes a total of 6 hours of training with our Voice Coach Mr. Sasha Masand. 

Whether you want to work as a professional VO artist, simply want to better your communication skills during Video//Voice calls, or even start your own YouTube Channel/Podcast, our Online Voice Training can help you.


The first session is 2 hours in duration. The remaining 4 hours can be split into either 2 X 2-hour sessions or 4 X 1-hour sessions.

We recommend a gap of 3 to 4 days between sessions so that you can practice the homework given to you at the end of every session. A minimum of 1 session must be done per week for good results by the end of the course.

We also include a one-hour demo recording session at a studio in your city where you will record your samples at the end of the training. We will direct your demo recording session via video or voice call as per the availability.

We have taken great care in designing our Online Voice-Over Training to give you an "In-Studio" experience as much as possible by being able to record your practice sessions at our Studio in Pune in realtime via the internet. This will give you the feeling of what it is like to be Directed in a Live Studio Recording Session. 

Minimum Requirements:


  • Students are required to have a USB mic or interface before they can begin this course. If needed a selection of USB microphones is featured in our Shop.

  • A pair of good quality Headphones. Also available in our shop if needed.

  • Fast and reliable internet connection. 

  • A quiet space at home without too many environmental sounds.

  • PC or Mac.

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