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Some of our clients who use

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What some of our IVO-DIRECT artists say:
"Of all the pay-to-play sites I've joined, yours is the one that's provided the most work!"
~ Reuben M

"IVO-DIRECT is a fantastic gateway to the world of voice-overs. It helps me get voice-over work from across the world."
~ Anupama Hira Prasad

"IVO-DIRECT has helped make my voice-over world smaller. I did a voice-over job for someone in the US and a Hong Kong based company at the same time...all the world's my playground!"
~ Manish Don

"IVO-DIRECT is a great product! Thanks to it, I've worked on some great projects, some international, of high repute."
~ Mallika Krishnamurty

Advantages of using IVO-DIRECT:

INDIAN VOICE-OVERS brings a revolutionary new product to the voice-over market place - ivo direct.

A select group of very talented and experienced Voiceover artists is now within your reach at no extra costs like agency fees or commissions.

Just choose an artist from the 
ivo direct search results and contact the artist directly. No fuss and no delay.

You can choose to contact the artist via email, LinkedIn, Facebook or Skype, directly from their page on INDIAN VOICE-OVERS.

So look for the ivo direct logo next to the artists name.


If you want to feature as an ivo direct Artist click here.
Understand how ivo direct works!

As an ivo direct Artist your name appears in the first search result list with the ivo direct logo beside it. The client clicks on your name, goes to your page and listens to your demo's and the contacts you directly via phone or email and offer you voice-over work!
How does IVO-Direct work
If you do not have an ivo direct subscription, your name does not appear in the search results. 

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