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Indian Voice Training Testimonials

"Paisa vasool in the first session itself. Would have been impossible to learn the right technique on my own."
~ Sachin Uchil, Thane

"After doing the course I find a day and night change in my voice and the way I communicate. I have realized true potential with which voiceovers can be used."
~ Narendra Kumar, Secunderabad

"Excellent course. Sasha is a excellent teacher. Did not realize I could play so much with my voice. Thank you Sasha for bringing me into this amazing 'world of voices'."
~ Janice Lahori, Pune

"Voice over was completely a new field for me when I started out. Sasha has been a great trainer. I enjoyed the sessions with him as he made the learning/training very simple."
~ Swarupa Sathe, Pune

"Thank you Sasha. I really appreciate the insights you shared with me on life, 
people, purpose and all other relevant stuff that needs reflection and introspection. 
I will cherish them as special gifts from you apart from getting groomed as a voice-over artist.
I really enjoyed working with you on this course :-) Thanks a ton!

~ Uma Maheshvari, Bangalore

"The training was very innovative, best to excel in our career path. The training will help me in my communication, presentation in voice overs and business..with golden rules of voiceover techniques."
~ R Santosh Kumar, Mumbai

"Excellent coach, real world and practical tips on training voice. Best value was in adapting the course to meet my requirements. Highly recommend for any professional."
~ Vijay Kumar, Hyderabad

"Fantastic course great technique. The 121 training is the USP."
~ Sriram, Pune

"The course is perfecto, short and crisp ..so 10 out of 10. Simply loved it!"
~ Geetanjali Mehra, Mumbai

"An amazing experience! Found a tutor and a friend in Sasha."
~ Col. K K Prasad, Navi Mumbai

"A splendid course and is a wonderful package for those who are aspiring to become a VO artist."
~ Harshit Shah, Rajkot

"An amazing experience, rather journey from an absolute fresher to a professional. Not only did I learn to tame my voice but also discovered my inner voice. A course everyone must go through for sure. I strongly recommend this to all the ambitious people out there who want to make it big in the Voice Industry."
~ Priyanka Nagraj, British Airways

"I totally enjoyed the course! To my own ears the difference between my earlier recordings and how I use my voice now is pretty dramatic - and I thought I had good speaking ability before the course :-)
Sasha is a great teacher & mentor - his patience, dedication and personalized attention makes this course a special experience."
~ Abraham Thomas, Filmmaker

"The course has been a great learning experience. Opened the mind to a different learning. Didn't know what to expect from the course when I signed up. But for me, I looked forward to the three weekends. This has been a very therapeutic experience for the voice and the soul. Thanks Sasha! It was wonderful!"
~ Rashmi Athanikar, Mumbai

"Thoroughly professional. We were guided at every step and through each element. It was a wonderful experience to be part of this training programme. Thanks!"
~ Anju Singh, Bangalore

"Excellent course! Highly recommend it to other people in my field. Have learnt so much - its amazing! Thank you Sasha."
~ Ramneeka Lobo, Mumbai

"I found this program really effective for me to discover a new voice for me to communicate better in my corporate profession. I sincerely suggest to my corporate colleagues to try this program if they wish to improve their effective voice. With best wishes and a lot of thanks to Sasha for imparting this skill to me. I appreciate his sincerity and professionalism."
~ Sant Kumar Sharma, Vice-President, Aditya Birla Group

"The course helped me unlearn the myths and fallacies of voice-overs and acquire a more enhanced skill set. A must attend course for all media persons. It was wonderful to have trained with Sasha. Never knew I could sound this way! Thank you!"
~ Asha Gopalkrishnan, ET NOW

"This was a new experience for me. There are so many aspects to reading text that I didn't know about. Thank you Sasha for improving the quality of my reading tremendously."
~ Sonali Punja, Bangalore

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