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The thing about voice acting that is most important is its ability to sound real. Even though you are reading from a script, it would be a failure if your voice were to sound robotic and made up. The key to this is obviously a...more
(06/09/12 by Brenda Lyttle)
Ok guys calm down. There is need to get your knickers in a twist about whether  a new era of Poverty Porn has been thrust upon us by ...more
(20/01/09 by Sasha Masand)

Over the past two years since we started Indian Voice-Overs, which has become India’s leading Voice Agency today, we have naturally been overrun by new aspiring voiceover artistes from ...more
(31/08/08 by Sasha Masand)

The Television News Channels in India are anything but about serious News. To start with, to look at they are clones of News channels in the...more
(28/03/08 by Sasha Masand)

A few months back Radio was supposed to be one of the main drivers of the fast expanding Media Industry in India. Instead it has turned out to be all talk. Now before you go gunning for my....more
(27/03/08 by Sasha Masand)

Much to the joy of many of our readers from the South of our Great Land the 20 channels of the SUN Network will finally be available on TATASKY....more
(21/08/07 by Sasha Masand)

Why Oh Why Oh Why? Much hullabaloo has been made about the Indian entertainment industry being in overdrive. It is expected to steamroll ahead smashing all forecasts and creating new benchmarks. Indian Television in particular seems to be driving this juggernaut with new channels coming up almost on a whim....more
(02/02/07 by Sasha Masand)

Picture This! TataSky claim to have DVD quality pictures on their DTH Platform. Is this really true? What should you expect to actually see if you do decide to go in for the service?....more
(27/11/06 by Sasha Masand)

All Systems Go! We have Installation! Friday the 13th started with a call from a Tata Sky representative at around 1.30pm asking us when had we applied for TATASKY? We said a couple of days ago and she said that our Set Top Box would be sent in two days! We told her that we had already purchased a digicomp and then she said, “Oh Ok” and put the phone down....more
(02/11/06 by Sasha Masand)

TATASKY Review - Vouchers & Beyond! Ok so here it is. After many a weeks of dillydallying we finally took the plunge and bought into a piece of the TATASKY action. As you know we are old Dish TV viewers and that subscription came to an end rather uneventfully in August this year....more
(11/10/06 by Sasha Masand)

TATASKY and dishtv - The Review As I start to write this a voice cries out, “In the Red Corner we have dishtv and in the Blue Corner it’s TATASKY” then a gong goes off and the battle begins....more
(25/08/06 by Sasha Masand)

Banzilla Returns! If you live on the West Coast of India you would have heard by now. The gigantic, grotesque monster - Banzilla has reared its ugly head once again. Stomping through India’s cable TV landscape making people run helter-skelter in panic....more
(23/08/06 by Sasha Masand)

Krrish– Has left the building! Some call it the worlds largest film industry. Indian filmmaking has come of age. The latest blockbuster Krrish has laid the foundation for a new era in Bollywood....more
(18/07/06 by Sasha Masand)

Dishing Out Television! It’s almost the beginning of July 2006. The Direct to Home (DTH) scene in India is getting ready for the mother-of-all battles....more
(29/06/06 by Sasha Masand)

What the hell was that all about? #2 Like I said there shall be enough material to make this ad busting into a series. In fact I have to restrain myself on most occasions when watching some of the “new” stuff on air at the moment....more
(19/06/06 by Sasha Masand)

Get, Set, Go - Web 2.0! A few years ago Bill Gates peddled the idea of Convergence. It was the new mantra then that became a buzzword for the Internet Industry. Of course that promised marriage between the Television and the PC/Internet didn’t quite materialize....more
(12/06/06 by Sasha Masand)

IPTV - The Next Revolution! Just as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) changed the telecom industry by breaking through to give the people cheap/free telephone calls over the internet, a shiny new technology is going to shake up the television industry around the world....more (31/05/06 by Sasha Masand)

No Fun Na. Not so long ago I wrote about the Da Vinci Code causing a big stink here in India. That bubble has just about burst and lo behold we have another film causing a stir. The film Fanaa (Destruction) has got the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) in Gujarat in a twist....more
(30/05/06 by Sasha Masand)

What the hell was that all about? #1 I watch a lot of stuff on Television in India, particularly the ads that make me think. Now hold on. I don’t mean that in a good way but the fact that they bring the thought, ”What the hell was that all about?” speeding in to my head....more
(27/05/06 by Sasha Masand)

Get Ready to Hoogle! Even as reports that Google has gained market share in the U.S. for the ninth consecutive month poured in, we hear that their C.E.O. Eric Schmidt said that India and not China would be where the Internet’s future will be played out....more
(24/05/06 by Sasha Masand)

Radio Ga Ga. One of the major drivers that have helped the media industry in India canter along at a blistering pace has been the good old radio. AM, FM and even Satellite Radio have made a huge impact on the Industry in India....more
(23/05/06 by Sasha Masand)

Da Wingy Code. Critics say the film is crap. The people say it’s insulting to God. It’s banned, and then it’s not. We have not had such a circus over a new movie release for quite some time now. I almost missed all the hoopla....more
(18/05/06 by Sasha Masand)
It’s Different - The Changing Face of Bollywood. In the mid 1990’s if you heard anyone talk about a forthcoming movie release in Bollywood they would sound too much like a popular Indian Ketchup commercial. The buzzword was “it's different”....more
(17/05/06 by Sasha Masand)

Go West! Ok, so some Bollywood Producers and Directors are using “Foreign” DOP’s (Director of Photography) and other technicians. So what!....more
(08/05/06 by Sasha Masand)

Listen, can you hear that! Those are the winds of change slowly blowing over India’s Television Industry and they seem to be saying – DTH (Direct To Home) Television....more
(05/05/06 by Sasha Masand)

Censor Me. Censor Me Not. The world is a paradox. One look at the absolute opposites that exist here and it makes you wonder if everyone is on the same planet. Apparently when it comes to media freedom we are not....more
(04/05/06 by Sasha Masand)

A Matter of Trust. An interesting piece of news turned up today about how much nations trust their media. Indians fare quite high up on the charts. Going by the number of News Channels and Newspapers the country has today it seems that the people still have faith in the various newscasters in the country....more
(03/05/06 by Sasha Masand)

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