Share your talent with the world!

Learn how our Talent App can help get you work.

1. Sign Up.

  • Download the ivo.studio Talent App and sign up. Start by creating your profile under all the talent categories that apply to you. You can also visit www.ivo.studio on a computer-based browser and start there if you like working on a bigger screen.

  • Be honest in what you share on your profile.

  • Share enough high-quality media to showcase your past work. It can be images, audio or YouTube video links. The chances of getting selected by clients largely depend on this.

  • Submit your profile and wait. It can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours but we try our best to speed this up for you.

  • If you get approved you will get an email from us letting you know and your profile will be live in the ivo.studio Finder App.​

  • We recommend that you download our Finder App and see what your profile looks like to users of the Finder App. 

  • If for any reason your application gets rejected it will most probably be because our Talent Managers are not convinced that you are a professional talent. This is mostly in situations when profiles do not carry any kind of media that showcase your talent. You can still add the missing media files by logging into your account and modifying your profile. Our Talent Managers will then take another look at your modified profile and if everything looks good will approve your application.

2. Responding to Auditions & Job Requests.

  • Congratulations! Now that your profile is live in our Finder App, you have a few different ways of getting work from our clients who use the Finder App to find Studios, Talent & Crew in over 80 cities worldwide.

  • Audition and job requests will come as notifications on the Talent App. So make sure your phone is always online and you can hear/see notifications as they arrive.

  • Clients can also contact you directly by "Booking" you. They will send you the job details and their budget. This will also appear in your Talent App as a notification. You can chat within the app with the client and finalize your rate and other details about the job at hand. All this is done without divulging your phone number. We advise all users to be careful when it comes to sharing their phone numbers with clients. If you choose to do so you do at your own risk.

3. Maintain Your Profile.

  • Keep your profile information current at all times.

  • Refresh your media from time to time to keep everything looking fresh.


4. Rate & Review.


  • After ​you finish a job or visit an audition you can rate and review your client. Be honest and share your experience with other users. Remember clients can also rate and review you via the Finder App.

IMPORTANT: Always keep the TALENT APP installed and updated on your phone. Make sure notifications are switched on in settings so you get to see audition and job requests as they are sent out.

Great! You are now all set with your Talent App!

Clients in over 80 cities worldwide now have access to your talent!

All the Best!




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