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Forgotten Rhymes

by Neeshant

My name is Neeshant Srivastava, from Patna,Bihar with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Right now I am working at Hewlett Packard as a Technical Support Specialist.
It is a voice process in which we help US customers resolve technical issues over the phone. This job puts a high demand on voice, intonation and sympathy-empathy on calls. We have a voice coach who inspects the way we talk to customers. We do have to speak for hours together on the phone, helping the customers in all possible ways.
Frequently my trainer remarked that I have a wonderful voice and perhaps the best on the floor. She is not the only on to say so but even in my growing up years people whom I met said the same about my voice.
I grew up listening to Neil Diamond and John Denver. Although these artists true body of work came out in their younger years and people prior to my generation grew up listening to their songs, but I still clung on to them for their style of delivery and honesty of expression.
Like everyone else I too had a dream once of becoming a singer like them however somewhere down the road I realized that my voice is best suited for voice overs, like in a technical presentation or in a documentary.
I also write a bit and right now looking for visibility for my written work.
I am a rookie when it comes to being a voice-over artist.
I would like to explore this area and lend my voice in any way possible and put it to good use.
I read this website and was impressed at the insight it offered into this career.
Perhaps you could help me with this.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Neeshant Srivastava

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