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Exorbitant Charges

by Iraa

I purchased TATA SKY Dec'06 and they charged me a bomb (INR 5000)for the set top and the dish antennae. Nearly 15 days after my purchase they halved the price plus offered free subscription services for 6 months without any benefit to existing subscribers. As if this was not enough, competition came in and within just 2 years other providers were offering like services including initial installation charges for just 10% of TATA SKY's cost to me.

A further deterioration in the maintenance of the dish antennae. TATA SKY charges equivalent to more than a month's rent with minimum of INR 350 for sending their engineers for inspection, any other cost to maintain the antennae remains extra. I happened to call them just 4 months back to fix an antennae problem and 4 months down I am back to square one.

While the normal cable operator charges less than TATA SKY, offers compliment movies through their channels and also maintains the cable network without any extra cost to the customer. Subscribers ought to come together against the malpractices of TATA SKY in terms of extra cost of maintenance, arbitrary doing away with channels (Zone reality), not offering any discounts during time outs on their side etc.. I am just wondering if TATA SKY could be pulled for all such ill practices.

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