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Listen,can you hear that?

EPG, DTH in India
Those are the winds of change slowly blowing over India’s Television Industry and they seem to be saying – DTH (Direct To Home) Television.

With the Zee owned DISH TValready on air now for almost 10 months and adding about 3000 new subscribers a day things are only going to get more interesting. The TATA STAR group Joint Venture TATASKY is scheduled to take off mid 2006. Slowly and steadily the cable operators are going to be nudged out. It will take a little time, according to Hong Kong-based media research firm Media Partners Asia (MPA), India isset to emerge as Asia's leading revenue generating pay-TV market by2015 with multi-channel video industry (cable, DTH and IPTV) turn over growing from $3.6 billion in 2005 to $7.2 billion by 2010 and $10.5billion by 2015.

SONY Entertainment the only major channel in the Top 3 slots today,seems to be keeping its options open with regards to DTH. Whether they join an existing platform or start one of their own it’s anybody’s guess.

The one thing to note here is that because the TRAI regulations don’tseem to be clear on the matter of cross platform broadcast where eachmajor network must also be available on all the services, the danger isthat to watch all the available channels people will end up with 2 or 3 set top boxes or satellite receivers. That is a road the industry should avoid going down because it will fragment the market too much. I guess only when the other players move in and the market evolves these things will get sorted out. In the short to medium term though get ready to be bombarded with “special deals” and “hightech features” that the DTH players will no doubt shout about.

I remember it was in the early 90’s when Satellite Television first arrived the one community that breathed a sigh of relief was the adfilm makers. They after all toiled to get the perfect shot and the perfect picture only to be played out on a very snowy looking Doordarshan at that time. Ouch! That used to hurt. The crystal clear images from space fixed all that and now the Indian Television, which is experiencing nothing short of its next revolution will bring the advertising industry in India a whole new way to communicate with the viewers. Imagine you are watching a commercial for say A Cruise Holiday and a red button graphic pops up in the corner of the TV screen. You click the red button on the remote. Which promptly “tells” the Cruise Holiday Company that you are interested in going on holiday with them.They then call you right away and book your holiday for you. You see most of the Set Top Boxes now can connect to the Internet via a builtin modem. So the now with DTH the circle is complete. The TV up untilnow was a one-way street i.e. you the viewer could not interact backwith what you saw on TV.

Well soon you will be able to. The TV will now become an extremely potent point of sale in Indian households like it has been in Europeanand US ones.

The winner here will be the viewer. An excellent combination of featurerich Interactive services, like Movie on Demand, Personal Video Recording real-time Electronic Programme Guides plus good value pricingwill hopefully help DTH make inroads faster into the Indian market.

Can’t Wait! 


I, the Managing Director of Yoga Shakti mission in Chennai bought Tata sky from Abirami Audios and Vedios, Alwarpet by paying thrumy Credit card. The service was installed in our premises and later shifted to our another premises by paying relocation charges of Rs.1000./-We had to pay installation charges of Rs.500 also.

It was working for about a month and all of a sudden on 29th.Dec.Theservice was debarred stating that they are getting wrong code numberwhich we have no access to.

Repeated follow up with Tata sky manager Mr.Kalyan kumar on his cell number 9282349495 did not give any result as he always says he is waiting for a reply from Delhi. The vendor who sold the package to meis also helpless as he also certifies the Tata sky operations are orderless and lacks in proper leadership.

Now it is 17 days gone with subscription paid up to April 2007.

I would like to inform all concerned to think well about Tata sky purchase before they make a decision.



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