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DishTV should name them self as DitchTV

by Jatinder

I am fed up to an extent that I really feel like shooting them if they come in front of me. Till date, I never seen such a pathetic customer service from any vendor I dealt with. I must say: DitchTV, a piece of shit (PoS) leads in customer dissatisfaction.

Here is the reason for this great honor to them: I travel at times for my work and whenever I have plan to travel for long term, I prefer not to recharge subscription as I don’t need it and that certainly makes sense. Whenever I return back, I buy a subscription online to get my signal activated but it’s not so easy. Here we go…. I paid the subscription online and called them after 24 hours to tell that I paid my subscription but its still not activated, their unprofessional, ridicules and good for nothing customer care executive told a crap story and to wait for 72 hours. 2nd call gone to them after 72 hours and they said, we will check and get back to you, wait for 48 hours. 3rd call gone after 48 hours and they said there seems to be some problem, a ticket was logged to sort out the problem and I was told to wait for another 48 hours. Problem remained as it is so I called up again (4rd call) after 48 hours to know the status of the ticket and I got to know that ticket was closed, the sarcastic customer care executive told me to raise a fresh ticket, he didn’t knew the reason why the ticket was closed. So as usual, I was told to wait for another 48 hours to have my signal back. This repeats every time I go out long term for work.But this time they beaten all their records and even 2nd ticket was closed without any solution and I have been told to raise 3rd ticket, which I just now did and realized, how big shit is under my hood so thought of writing this feedback to warn people….to stay away from this PoS.

I am blindly comparing it with Tata Sky which I bought 2 years back for my parents back home in Chandigarh and really admire my

decision. Thank god, my parents need not be in all these hassles. We got couple of interim problems with Tata Sky too but the turn around time and customer care is really admirable. They were prompt and understood the customer pain.

I have close to 10 people in my network that spent money in buying this PoS and close to 8 are in plan to get rid of it.

I bought this PoS under a scheme from Big Bazzar 1 year back and can not carry it ahead on my shoulders anymore.

To sum up, here are cons I see in DitchTV a PoS:

1. Absolutely no customer service
2. No Toll Free to log a complaint, the given numbers will take on an average 30min for you to connect to that good for nothing customer care executive. I am in Bangalore, so for me it’s an STD number.
3. Poor response time
4. What they say they don’t offer, I read couple of other forums and seen people complaining about the discrepancy in package, even I am also the victim for the same but my major fight is to get the signal up itself.
5. Low quality customer care executives
6. No escalation matrix available, the only way to contact them is to call customer care or email which they will never respond.
7. They never give waver for this all downtime. I am struggling from fast 10 days to get my signal back but my subscription clock is on and I already lost 10 days of my subscription for which I am not at fault.

The one and only Sharuk Khan is marketing it. I wish there could have been a forum available for asking questions to celebrities and I am going to shoot just one query, they got wealth and fame then what makes them sell out themselves for such crap products. This certainly spoils their market image.

That’s all about my experience with DitchTV a PoS, I am all set to go to consumer court to file a case but not sure how much that will be helpful. But I am sure this write-up will help you taking a better decision for choosing a right Service provider.

Jatinder Singh

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Oct 20, 2015
Nice post NEW
by: www.topessaywriting-services.com

You wrote the reasons why should DsihTV name them self as Ditch TV. I think your reason are valid and i also want to change the of DishTV and then give the name of Ditch TV as well. I hope every Indian who watch this channel love it and want to give the name of it.

Oct 01, 2015
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Jan 17, 2013
Reply NEW
by: Moumita Sinha Mukherjee

Thanks for this piece of information..
Now I'll definitely go for Tata Sky / Airtel.
But again it is like which one to go for???!!!

Jun 02, 2012
Not to buy Disk TV NEW
by: Farooque

I absolutely agree with above comment, Dish TV services are pethetic. THese rascal will not even you nor there customer service phone line works properly. I will advice all the future customers not to buy Dish TV at any cost. Farooque

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