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dishtv good product to have : its rockz

by K Arun

Dear All,

I am a dishtv user for about 2 years and I thought this was the right time to review a product after having a good amount of experience in using dishtv.
First I was not able to understand their criteria of Anchors and Host here but still I have given a good rating after seeing my experience with dishtv.
I was just reviewing this product since beginning as i have selected this product way back in 2005 and that time it was the only option available for me and the reason of choosing dishtv is i am fed up with my cable hassles and worst quality services offered by them.
I have chosen dishtv and with in 48 hrs of my purchase the product was installed at my house and all channels were started working, first, I was amazed by the picture quality its was just like DVD very crystal clear picture and great sound. Second, At that time they don't have that much channels but by know they have almost 175 channels and I suppose they have all the channels which I can think of to have on my TV. and even right know also after tatasky entered into market but still they don't have that much of channels to offer and that was best part of dishtv also they have a wide range and variety of regional channels which right now nobody is providing other than dishtv. Third, if talking about their customer service and hardware, though i can say their customer service is not the best but still I feel its better then others( even I can

say its better as compared to Tata sky which most of my friends say, but i cannot comment on that as i have not exp Tata sky). And also talking about their hardware its good till now I haven't face any problem with the hardware and working fine. Further their remote is very user friendly and light weighted ( whereas I have seen tatasky remote which is little bigger in size and more bulky) and also I like their EPG system very much which gives us update on program schedule on any channel also reminder and alert facility is pure value added to the service.
Further talking about their value plus services, like active services and also games, active movies,sports, news are just awesome which gives us a feel of having complete entertainment in one package.

Pricing : at that moment price was a little on higher side but now its more affordable and economic then others. Their payments option are also in wide range and provide us flexibility like ITZ cards, credit card, retail outlets money order , check and draft facility are good enough. The only problem which I face was in rainy seasons and in bad whether, where signal are completely off for a while and then restore in some time say 2-10 min. Rest what all i can say is its a good product in all with having good features and good no.of channels.
And what I can suggest if any body is looking for a change, dishtv is best option available but before buying try to check others as well, as this was solely my views on dishtv.

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