A Mobile App that helps manage your studio.

  • Automate your scheduling.

  • Efficient booking management.

  • Always stay connected to your clients.

  • Dynamic Pricing minimizes downtime.

  • Put your Studio on the world map.

  • Use our free mobile app to manage your studio on the go and more...

Audio Studios in London.

Video Studios in Chicago.

Shoot Studios in New York City.

If you own or manage a studio that Shoots, Edits or Records then the platform will automate your scheduling and make managing your studio a breeze! 

Designed by studio owners, for studio owners, with powerful features to help bring clients to your studio fast!

Includes features for non-commercial or private studios and educational institutions that only want to reach out to a select group of clients.

Valuable feedback and suggestions from both studio owners and users, from across the world, has helped us create this powerful and feature rich platform that streamlines studio management and makes it easy to use, either in the studio on the web, or on the go via our mobile app.
Download the Finder App here and see if your studio is on our map already.

Say goodbye to downtime. - Create More!

Get your studio on-board and enjoy these benefits:

  • Free to download and use.

  • Expedited studio approval.

  • No Ads.

  • Built-in security features to confirm the identity of first-time clients.

  • Keep your existing payment terms and billing method.

  • No commissions.

  • Make a list of your favourite clients.

  • Rate and review sessions.

  • Accept, modify or reject bookings without receiving any phone calls.

  • Change your rates as per your current workload and broadcast it to studio users in your city.

  • Share our Finder App with your existing clients and automate your scheduling right away.

  • Bring efficiencies to your booking flow and acquire new clients fast.


STEP 1: Sign Up

Visit and sign up. Once you have logged in, choose your studio type and start the enrolment process and submit your studio for approval.

STEP 2 : Download

Once your studio is approved, search for the Console App in the App or Play Store. Download the app and sign in using the same credentials you used

in STEP 1.

STEP 3 : Share

After signing in to the Console App click on the Menu button on the top left of the screen and select "Share Finder App" option and share the Finder App with all your existing clients. They will now see your studio on their map and start booking sessions directly via their apps without making any phone calls to you.

Your clients are now always connected to your studio. homepage

Congratulations! Your studio now has automated scheduling and easier for your clients to find and book!

Recommended for Computer Sign-Ups, for Mobile Sign-Ups please use our Console App.

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