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Go West!

Aamir Khan, Mangal Pandey

Ok, so some Bollywood producers and directors are using “Foreign” DOP’s (Director of Photography) and other technicians. So what!The world is changing faster than some people’s mindsets. Just because we use people out of the Indian Industry does not mean that:

1. Indian technicians are no good.

2. It's done just to be superior to the competition.

3. Just the usual show-off routine by filthy rich filmmakers.

Sometimes a Director may want a certain look and feel that he/she feels only a particular person may be able to deliver. If they have the budget why should some people with vested interests in Bollywood start getting their knickers in twist? The world is fast becoming a closely-knit unit. The Internet plays a big part. Anybody working any where on a film can research his or her topic using the net today.

If they have the resources they also have access to world-class technology and brains. It must also be noted that sometimes the flow turns the other way. Our talented actors, DOP’s and other technicians are called for their services by foreign production houses far from our country’s shore. So where is the problem?

Like always what all this uproar about using outsiders in the making of Indian films, is really doing is showing the world that its biggest film industry (Bollywood) is also the most insecure.

By nature people in the entertainment industry are an insecure bunch. It’s not only the actors and actresses that are victim to the insecurities of their career, but most other professionals are also in the same boat so to speak. “Am I really good at what I do?” “Is he/she better than me?” are I am sure doing the rounds in their heads all the time.

At the end of it all what makes or breaks a film is not which nationality did the people who made it belong to but more about whether it stuck a cord with the audience. After all who can forget Richard Attenborough’s - Gandhi. I thought it was a good film and I am sure some more people would feel the same too. It did not once bother me that the guy who played the central character was not Indian. He played his character well and did him justice. That’s all that matters.

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