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You can now be an IVO-DIRECT STAR!

If you’re a professional voice over artist, you probably know how easy it can be to make a living by simply lending your voice to written word.
‘All the world’s a stage’, and for the show to go on, you like others, must play many parts.

Such is the life of an actor, where you get paid to convey a message to your audience.
But as the internet of things take over, technologies advance and the world becomes a smaller place, everything we once knew seems so little.  
No longer can you leave it to destiny for new clients to find you.
No longer can you leave it to an agent to groom you.
No longer can you believe in the secret – what you seek is seeking you.
Not when all you are doing is pedaling your old voice samples and demos to make yourself seem relevant.
The trick is all in marketing; always has been and always will be and while we at IVO try to achieve that through our voice bank, a bit of self-help never hurt anybody.
The Voice-Over industry in India is growing at an exponential rate but to ride the wave, you’ve got to put yourself out there. Learn the tricks of the trade, know where and how to sell your services, be heard, be seen, and more importantly know how to stand out from the crowd?
At IVO, we’re of the opinion that your work speaks for itself but if you’re a voice actor, how about we go the extra mile and get people to see it like we say it?

As an exclusive IVO-Direct feature, we are giving YOU the opportunity to star in YOUR own film, where YOU get to play the hero that YOU have always seen as your self to be, in a place where YOU want to be!
We want to know your story: how you became a voice over artist? Who are you and why are you a good get for any client out there?
Now you can be an IVO-DIRECT STAR at Indian Voice-Overs.

Scripted, shot and produced by IVO.

If you want us to produce a video like this one below, get in touch with us @ 9168506565.

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