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What the hell was that all about? #2

Adbusters, Indian AdvertisingLike I said there shall be enough material to make this ad busting into a series. In fact I have to restrain myself on most occasions when watching some of the “new” stuff on air at the moment.

Millions of Rupees and in some cases Dollars are spent on a few seconds and the following is sometimes what gets dished out. We start with the Fanta commercial with Rani Mukherjee making some weird sounds to an equally obnoxious soundtrack/jingle. The visual realm also suffers here with what seem to be the single most barf inducing graphics ever in an ad. There is no thought behind this project. If there is please let me know and put me out of my misery.

The high point of the ad is when they rhyme the words, “P.K. Bose” with, “Fanta ka dose”. How this ad ever got on air is anyone’s guess. My heartfelt condolences to the client.

Next on this list of shame is the latest Clipsal switch ad where, this lady seemingly a helper dressed in an over sized white frock is going about doing her dusting albeit rather grudgingly. We see a horrible Plaster of Paris statue scaring the crap out of her as well as us, and then for apparently no reason what so ever she flings some books towards this switchboard on the wall. Then again for no reason at all, the entire house begins to crumble. Things around the house come crashing down as if she has hit a switch that controls high magnitude earthquakes. Once again what’s going on here and more importantly why - has got me in a right twist.Maybe one day I shall have answers to my humble queries.

What has to be my favorite or should I say my anti-favorite recently though has to be the new Indica Diesel ad. You know the one that takes forever to setup and flashes you the actual product on sale so quickly that it seems like they almost don’t want to show it to you. Usually teasers are only 5 to 10 seconds long. What we have here is like a 50 second ad with a 45 second setup. And a 5 second product shot, which is so blurry that you, cannot see much anyway.

Why oh why is this happening. May be TATA has too much money and they don’t know what to do with it. Showing a guy setting up a fishing seat in the middle of a lake for so long and then barely showing the actual product that’s on sale seems like an unsuccessful attempt at hoodwinking the masses. Why do we have to be so clever? Why do we need to waste 50 seconds selling something we don’t actually show?

I am full of questions swimming around in my head that are drowning me…. Help!

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