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Guide to Voice-Overs

Here in our guide to voiceovers you will find everything you wanted to know about Voice-Overs (VO's) but were afraid to ask.

Ok! let's talk Voice-Overs.

1. What is a Voice-Over?

You know that "Voice of God" that you hear every time you think. That's a kind of your own personal VO artiste sitting in the "Studio of your head" telling you what to do and not to. In films, on TV and Radio and now on the Internet you will hear an extension of that concept. "That voice" that tells you what the new movie is about and why you should see it, when and where - he/she is the Voice Over Artiste. He/she acts as your guide through the "Sale".

2. When to use what?

Each voice is unique. Just like your fingerprint. Some are deep and authoritative while others are mellow and friendly. Depending on what the situation is, will dictate the kind of voice to be used. For example if the TV commercial is about Adventure Gear and the ad spot is action packed you will pick a voice that’s powerful and the read will be full of energy. That will help set the tone for the ad film. Like wise a romantic on-air-promo will require a soft mellow sort of a voice that builds the mood.

Many a times we hear stuff on air where the VO used, collides with the situation. This will only lead to conflict in the viewers/listeners mind and the exercise won't succeed.

3. The different mediums they cover.

With today's focus on multimedia and wide platform delivery of content like when you have the option to see the spot on TV, hear its audio track on radio and go online to visit the website they created around that spot all at the same time, the voice artist must be flexible enough to adapt to any and all of the mediums.

4. When to use Male or Female Voice?

Again this is a question of judgment. Mostly it depends on the nature/personality of the product that is being sold and to whom it’s targeted at. That’s why most spots that sell ladies products have female voice-overs.

The Indian Voice-Overs Team.

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